[Release] Jobs System v2.1 and Paycheck v2.1


SQL query:

MySQL said: Documentation

#1231 - Variable ‘character_set_client’ can’t be set to the value of ‘NULL’


How do I let the salary deposit to the bank


how to add more jobs?


es_freeroam is discontinued so what do i do now?


vrpfx.users does not exist when I try to run or import job.sql


we need to find a way to make this mod work with [Release] EssentialMode base


Does this not work anymore since es_freeroam isn’t available anymore?


I hope someone can release a Fixed version of this Release that work with ES BASE


can someone help me get this running on my server?


is keeps saying “1231 - Variable ‘character_set_client’ can’t be set to the value of ‘NULL’”


I have the same Problem!!! :frowning:


ALTER TABLE users ADD job INT( 11 ) DEFAULT ‘1’;

MySQL meldet: Dokumentation

#1146 - Table ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’ doesn’t exist

Kann hier bitte jemand weiterhelfen?


i have this error on my server : Error loading script paycheck_sv.lua in resource paycheck: paycheck_sv.lua:1: attempt to call a nil value (global ‘require’) why ?


Because you haven’t ported the script to fx server. Read the porting notes and update the script.


where can I find the porting notes , i read the doc but it’s not explicated


[Release] Helicopter Shop (and garage)(06/04/2017)

i’am on fx server , my serveur is dedicated server ,


oh i find i read this " require doesnt exist anymore " ,
so in the job system, in the file __ressource.lua I have to put server_script ‘@ mysql-async / lib / MySQL.lua’


not work :frowning: who can advise me to put jobs?


U gotta problem, install allllll the stuff u have before jobs, i did it n it worket for me


did you manage to use it?