[Release] IRL jail time jailer - esx_jb_realtimejailer



Police client menu :grin:


but i cant unjail? i only get up a box that i need to put how many hours to jail someone


Like this?

– TriggerServerEvent(‘esx_jb_jailer:PutInJail’, playerid, data3.current.value, tonumber(jailtime)6060)

TriggerServerEvent(‘esx_jb_jailer:PutInJail’, playerid, data3.current.value, tonumber(jailtime)*60)


Yes indeed that is what you need to edit :blush::blush:


when i try jail one they are myself it will be jail if the other jail one is also me why do it it


Dont understand you… :joy:



like most people here pay attention if you got new or old policejob … and adapt the script


dose not change clothes back apon release…


fixed it pice of code was missing


What was missing? I can fix problem for all others


oh yea sure thing RegisterNetEvent("esx_jb_jailer:UnJail") AddEventHandler("esx_jb_jailer:UnJail", function() IsPlayerUnjailed = true GetBackOriginalClothes() end)

the getbackoriginalclothes() was missingfrom this unjail line

this is how it should look and it functions


thanks for the fix, i did push it immediatly


I have no error showing on the console, but soon after a person leaves the chain will make their rp and displaces the server when it re-enters the server it returns to the dp, as if it was just out of jail, wanted to find a solution, can someone help me?


Now it happened


another issue i found and i dont this is right. when u log in after ur jail time has expired it does not unjail u and move u out of the prison or sell
it keeps u where u are and i think its because of this

i changed mine to this but have not tested it yet


Does not work, back to front of dp anyway, I have this same problem …


any errors ? :slight_smile:


Yes, when you enter the server soon after finishing a penalty you return to the place of exit from the chain, every time … That is the problem …


explain more clearly, becasue i don’t understand what you want to say …