[Release] HyperAdmin - Standalone Administrative Menu


it didn’t work


The only thing I suggest is the ability to change the key to open the menu :slight_smile:


You can. Check config.json


Ah sorry must have missed it, nice job!


Im still haveing problem only 1 person can open it can someone put a picture so i can see how you have it setup please.


I’ll look into it later today and get back to you.


how does one make a person a admin


Ace Permissions. There’s a list in the original post.


how does one get their steam identifier? would I use https://steamidfinder.com/ ?


You could also use status in console to get the list of online players and their identifiers.


ahhh ok, thx so much :smiley:


ok mooshe because this is the only menu i want to use


how do I change the key to F9


You can use DevTools to test keycodes. I believe F9 is DropWeapon, which is 56.

You can modify the key code in config.json.


HyperAdmin v1.0.2 has been released!


  • Fixed permissions (for real this time)

  1. Where should I add my admin things?
    I’ve put:
    start HyperAdmin
    add_ace group.admin command allow # allow all commands
    add_ace group.admin command.quit deny # but don?t allow quit
    add_ace group.admin hyperadmin allow # allow all of hyperadmin
    add_principal identifier.steam:MYID group.admin
    Everything here is added in the server.config
  2. I changed my menu hotkey to 122 which is F11


Thank’s it works now and can mods TEMP-BAN?


Mooshe always coming with the good stuff


The hyperadmin.ban ace allows the full range of bans (permanent and otherwise).


“Dependencies”? You can check if EM is running and based on that modify your lil’ menu at runtime based on that information.