[Release] HyperAdmin - Standalone Administrative Menu


Even soft dependencies enable the idea that the two will be inter-compatible with each other, which I am not willing to support or provide troubleshooting with.


._. This isn’t a “soft dependency” you goose. Don’t spread some weird misinformation as to what dependencies are, it’s compatibility.

I don’t care either way what you do with this resource but I did care about that.


having an implementation be dependent on the functionality of another resource, even though that functionality would be completely optional, would make it a soft dependency.




Some suggestions (I’ll add some more soon)

  1. Copy and paste text (This can be for inputting the same kick/ban reason or looking up an identifier.
  2. Config or some sort of toggle/ace permission for who is allowed to see the notifications on the bottom left of actions being done
  3. Pre-messages with set reasons for both kick and ban. Maybe a drop down menu or something? So it has set messages already for reasons you use a lot.


I have looked and i can’t find a answer but, How do i add myself and my Co-Owner to the menu?
(I am new to messing with servers)


Once I try to add multiple people to the menu it stops working. what would I put in my config for 2 people?


Show the part of your config file that you edited. @Nick_Robin


You’ll have to set up Ace Permissions.


i use controller and when i press pause and it opens the menu
how would i change the button for it on the controller?


This resource doesn’t take into consideration that you have a controller. You could change the key bind but it would change it for everyone.

Mooshe, you or someone else would have to change the code to handle controllers correctly.

Most FiveM users use a mouse+keyboard so I don’t know if moo she wants to add this


Ok thanks


is there a way to do Moderator so they can only Kick ban freeze?



A list of all the aces are listed in the original post.


where at I scrolled up didnt see anything


How can you instal it?


You can find both the download link and the Ace Permissions link in the original post.


How to change position of menu?


At this moment it would require modifying the source code, in the MenuController class. At this time it is not configurable, however, perhaps in the future it may be.


How can I make the menu over the money hud