[Release] HyperAdmin - Standalone Administrative Menu



A standalone FiveM resource which allows you to manage your server through an easy to use menu.

Download Latest Release Here: Download
Git Repository: GitHub

How To Use

  • How to set up Ace Permissions: Guide
  • Keybinds:
    • F5 - Open Menu
    • Arrow Keys - Menu Navigation
    • Enter - Activate Menu Item
    • Backspace - Exit Current Menu

Current Features

  • Player Management
    • List Online Players
    • Freeze
    • Spectate
    • Teleport To
    • Bring
    • Kick
    • Ban
  • Server management
    • Set Map Name
    • Set Game Type
    • Lookup Banned Players
    • Resource Management
      • List Loaded Resources
      • Start
      • Stop
      • Restart



Looking for help with an admin system

Looking good @Mooshe nice menu, is it a custom menu? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep! It’s similar to the one I wrote for DevTools as well. I didn’t want this resource to make use of any dependencies, and wanted the user to just be able to drag and drop to be able to use it.


drag n’ drop is the best kind tbh, no fucking around etc,

Edit: Funny how fucking is allowed without approval but when you add d iscord it;s like nope, approval needed. lol


Hey Im new to servers and i put the mod to my server but i dont know how to set up the premisions


OP Posted a guide


the permissions can be set up in your server config.

Here’s an example:

add_ace group.admin hyperadmin allow # allow all of hyperadmin
add_principal identifier.steam:11000010ffffff group.admin # add the admin to the group

If you don’t know your steam identifier, you can find it by typing status in the server console while you’re connected to the server.


Thanks I anderstend now


It says cant load the resource and how do I give permissions?


Check out the Ace Permissions guide on the original post


Do you know why it Cant load it?


Do you have any logs?


No I dont think


Send me your server console logs.


The Command Promt?


yes, the console. You can DM it to me if it contains sensitive info.


Looks amazing. Sort of like easy admin. But love it dude, keep it up!


Neat! With the demise of EasyAdmin this appears to be a decent supplement.


looks like easy admin good job


Very clean man! Good job :smiley: