[Release] Hookers [Early Version] [Standalone/VRP]


The TaskPlayAnim’s you changed in the /sex are completly wrong.

TaskPlayAnim(SpawnedPed,"oddjobs@towing","f_blow_job_loop", 1.0, -1.0, 65000, 0, 1, true, true, true)
TaskPlayAnim(playerPed,"oddjobs@towing","m_blow_job_loop", 1.0, -1.0, 65000, 0, 1, true, true, true)

TaskPlayAnim(SpawnedPed,"mini@prostitutes@sexlow_veh","low_car_sex_loop_female", 1.0, -1.0, 65000, 0, 1, true, true, true)
TaskPlayAnim(playerPed,"mini@prostitutes@sexlow_veh","low_car_sex_loop_player", 1.0, -1.0, 65000, 0, 1, true, true, true)

Copy those. If that doesn’t work, you edited something wrong.


Hmm. Okey thanks. I forgot to say, it was a very successful work. I wish you continued success.


Anybody else having the issue of hundreds spawning i went back to the bank and: https://gyazo.com/a36a9c7085121e74df34c3388aaba564

Also the hookers dont respawn once “used” haha


same for me…


just want to say well done on this idea very smart keep it up broo


Great release! Keep it up!



I don’t re upload your script i just add a payment systeme work fine with vrp.

Juste add this shit :slightly_smiling_face:
in the end of client.lua file :

AddEventHandler('hookers:success', function()
	vRP.notify({"Payer ~r~200$."})
AddEventHandler('hookers:notenough', function()
	vRP.notify({"~r~Pas assez d'argent."})

into function also into client.lua :

TriggerServerEvent('hookers:checkmoney') -- ADD BY GRAINCHEUX

create a new file into ressource name : server.lua

local Tunnel = module("vrp", "lib/Tunnel")
local Proxy = module("vrp", "lib/Proxy")

vRP = Proxy.getInterface("vRP")
vRPclient = Tunnel.getInterface("vRP","Hookers")

AddEventHandler('hookers:checkmoney', function(hook)
	local user_id = vRP.getUserId({source})
	local player = vRP.getUserSource({user_id})

	  if vRP.tryPayment({user_id,200}) then
		TriggerClientEvent('hookers:success', player)
		TriggerClientEvent('hookers:notenough', player)

and modify your ressource.lua for add dependency et other shit :slight_smile:

description "vRP carwash"
--ui_page "ui/index.html"

dependency "vrp"



You can also add proxy (Proxy.lua)

-- PROXY CLIENT-SIDE VERSION (https://github.com/ImagicTheCat/vRP)
-- Proxy interface system, used to add/call functions between resources
Proxy = {}

local proxy_rdata = {}
local function proxy_callback(rvalues) -- save returned values, TriggerEvent is synchronous
  proxy_rdata = rvalues

local function proxy_resolve(itable,key)
  local iname = getmetatable(itable).name

  -- generate access function
  local fcall = function(args,callback)
    if args == nil then
      args = {}

    return table.unpack(proxy_rdata) -- returns

  itable[key] = fcall -- add generated call to table (optimization)
  return fcall

--- Add event handler to call interface functions (can be called multiple times for the same interface name with different tables)
function Proxy.addInterface(name, itable)
    local f = itable[member]

    if type(f) == "function" then
      callback({f(table.unpack(args))}) -- call function with and return values through callback
      -- CancelEvent() -- cancel event doesn't seem to cancel the event for the other handlers, but if it does, uncomment this
      -- print("error: proxy call "..name..":"..member.." not found")

function Proxy.getInterface(name)
  local r = setmetatable({},{ __index = proxy_resolve, name = name })
  return r


And it’s work fine for me.
Thx for the script @Yadiiiig


Thanks to @Crevars there is now a VRP Version.


One but I’ve found is that it spawns an equal amount of hookers to the players online.
For example if we are 6 players on the server it’ll spawn 6 hookers at the same spot. Idk if it’s just me.



That happens to me too


Well I’m currently busy with another project. But I will look into those issues when I have time. Can you describe what you did to get those issueas? That way I can recreate them.


Just join the server with 3 or more friends and that will do it.
If I am alone it’ll spawn only 1 hooker.


Okey, thanks. Will look into that.


@Yadiiiig any advancements on the script?


need more update…


i uploaded this to my esx server an honked the hook like you said… nothing happens i looked over the script. not good at scripting here… so relog’ed into the game… honked again waited afew min’s then i got out of the car… then hooker desides to run up to the driver seat an jump in then drive off >.< or tryed to befor i jumped into the passenger seat then she jumped out or i pushed her out of the car then she desided to fight me b/c she thinks i stole her car >.< which was mine when she tryed to drive off

but if you drive up to them. an type /bj or /sex they will do the animation in the air


I will look into everything over again. And push a few updates.

This is a known glitch, if you restart the script it will work. Will try to fix it this week.


Hi, i love your script but there are few bugs. Is there going to be any update?


It’s one of my favourites script’s. Will you continue updating it? I would this script to be even better!
Thanks for your work :slight_smile: