[Release] Hookers [Early Version] [Standalone/VRP]


4 months…


Hmm… no update? :frowning:
Im still waiting for the Unicorn part… i Need dancers in the Club


5 months…


The “girls” became grannies at this time… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is there anything special i have to do to load the resource? I list it in my CFG and put the resource in and it says “Couldn’t Start Resource Hookers”

Any help is appreciated, Thanks


Thx for the script and for releasing it.
i tried to change the time of animation, and same as already post… change time doesnt change anything.
are you sure its a loop?


Sometimes the script glitches, after a few time coming back/switching cars it works again. (Still trying to figure out why that is)

sometime only a restart of the ressource start it…

anybody found a.fix for that?