[Release] FxUpdater

If you always want the latest version of FxServer, this tool is made for you.

FxUpdater allow you to update your server in few seconds, with a simple command.
It can also create backup of your previous versions, i case the new doesn’t fit you.

Update take the distribution as first parameter (windows or linux) and can either take an absolute path or a relative path as second parameter. It can also create the directory if needed (in case of a fresh install)

/update windows C:\users\MyUser\Desktop\MyServer - Update at the specified path
/update linux MyServer - Update next to the executable

You can also clear the console

/clear - Clear the console


You can now use FxUpdater commands via bash command line
For exemple, instead of doing

/update windows [YourPath]

you can do this

FxUpdater.exe update windows [YourPath]


  • Allow backup via command
  • Install ressources if wanted



Great Release, Good job!

Awesome work ! With this tool I am no longer obliged to unlock the .dll with PowerShell :wink:

Edit: Maybe can you add a command /check to know if an update is necessary ?

The command Update already check by itself :wink:

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You are awesome <3
This is a really good release, thank’s for your work :wink:

Good work. Will help alot.

Great idea ! I will test as soon I am at home. Thank you

Huh? You never needed to do that?

??? don’t say this is mono-needing shit

Huh? If I say so, maybe?
Like … Get-ChildItem -Path "folder_path" -Recurse | Unblock-File

Why so much superiority? It is not because you are an element that you can come to take people high.

… except you don’t have to unblock files at all, except for stuff that’s written in .NET using the desktop CLR?

Also the other was a literal question as to how the hell an EXE would run on Linux, given how the server has no .NET dependency itself and relying on Mono rather than .NET Core/Native would be silly?

Well i share a tool that i’ve writen in like 4 hour-ish
BUT i never said it would work on linux if you read more precisely as i’ve myself not tested this

dont listen to him, we all love the program that you contributed to the community


Best program ever :wink:

Great tool.
[20 characters]

If unblocking is ever needed you can simply right click -> properties -> unblock. If the blocked files are extracted from an archive, you can unblock the archive the same way and the extracted files will all be unblocked.

So I just tried it and it works great, but could you change it a bit? It copys the server.cfg, the Server Icon and the run.bat (not the run.cmd) over into versionless. Pretty annoying to always copy it back where it belongs to.

Thanks you very much, its very great :slight_smile:

Just can you (like say Flatracer below), just not move the server.cfg please


@Flatracer @MatPain
Thank you for testing FxUpdater and for your feedbacks.
Not moving server.cfg is now on my todolist

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I have to say i got bad news for you guys. You asked to me to not move the server.cfg, but as said in the wiki, server.cfg should be in the server-data subforder, and i don’t move it. So, you’ll have to rework your server architecture, but i wont update for a particular case.

Sorry for the late feedback, i wasn’t working on it until this morning.

Hi nice tool, is it possible you allow it to parse the commands through a .bat file ?

Like update.bat

FxUpdater.exe /update windows c:\myserver\

That way i can make an update.bat file and just click it without having to type the /update windows path command inside.