[Release][FX][Fixed]Police Maverick AS350


Made into spawn name: Polmav2
polmav2.zip (4.8 MB)


YESSSSSS!!! YEESSS!! THANK YOUUU!! I’ve been waiting for so long for this to work!


i am making a skin for this for BCSO,LS,and CHP and i will post the PS file when i get done too


Download: https://github.com/rhys19/Police-Maverick-AS350-/releases/download/2.0/polmav2.zip
PS Files: https://github.com/rhys19/Police-Maverick-AS350-/releases/download/2.0/Eurocopter_temp_sheriff.psd


There is a problem with the wheel of the helicopter, it can’t stand straigh because 2 out of 3 wheel are bugged.

The front one and the left one

downloaded from this link : https://github.com/rhys19/Police-Maverick-AS350-/releases/download/2.0/polmav2.zip


i’ll check it out give me some days.


Any update on the wheel bug?


The upload you did was deleted so now I can’t access it :frowning:



how do u translate all to swedish. it would be also nice of you if u could send me a swedish one instead of me not knowing how to translate! :slight_smile: