[Release][FX][Fixed]Police Maverick AS350


Hey guys i have released this helicopter that i made into a simple resource just extract the polmav and plop polmav into your resources folder, add start polmav to your config.cfg and boom your good to go!!!

Dont want to restart your server no biggy! just type start polmav in your console!

anyone is allowed to make or convert skins and i will give credit if required pm me if you have skins for it.


you can download the official helicopter Here

I thought that alot of people would like this as a police helicopter because it looks exactly like dojrp’s one they have which i believe is this helicopter (the same one)

anyway any issues you may report (if you want them fixed :stuck_out_tongue: )


@BorgoMadonno – made the model work.

Previous Version: 1.0.1
Current Version: 1.0.2

Updated & now works.

Old issue that has since been fixed

I hate to say it but I get this:

Textures all messed up and they keep changing as soon as the camera moves. I’ve been trying to get this model to work correctly myself for the past few weeks and got high hopes when I saw you released a resource for it, but sadly my problem still exists.


I noticed the polmav.ytd is over 16mb. Ytds have to be less then 16mb size.
That’s maybe why there’s some graphic problem. I’ll resize and try to fix it.


Ok your model seems to have something wrong. I resized ytd to less then 10mb but nothing changed.



thats awkward. i will mess around with it and see if i can get it to work :wink:

EDIT: Here is the image of my openiv:


moved to discussion section until i figure out how to fix it


Same here, in OpenIV it looks fine but when loaded in the server it’s messed up. Tried contacting the original creator but that didn’t really help because in regular singleplayer the model works fine. It’s just in FiveM that it’s fucked up. Maybe DOJRP just include the helicopter in their client side file that people have to install to get things like sounds and the pause menu map working? Don’t know for sure though.


Off-Topic: I thought the 16mb wasn’t a problem? I’m able to stream 30Mb to clients without an issue? Also how does one resize a YTD?

On-Topic: Was is the original name of the skin that came with this? I had issues like this before and that was part of the problem.


Not sure, original model should be available here. Don’t have time to check it out right now.


I read some people talking about this 16mb cap. I had some car add-ons fails fixed just with this resize.

I think there are tutorials on the ytd resize, just googleit. If you need help let me know, I can explain it here so others can read it.


@rhys19 I made my self the add-on folder using the original model, seems working now -> Download

Ofc, extract as350 folder in resources then add

start as350

in the server.cfg.




Sweet! now I just somehow need to get this to work for the polmav.

Edit: Got it working for the polmav :smiley: ! not sure why it works but it does:
polmav.zip (link removed because @rhys19 re-uploaded and added my file to the top of this topic.)


You mean a replace of the polmav model?

If you’re using vRP you can add this in your garages.lua file to get as350 instead of polmav:

--in cfg.garage_types section

["Heli Police"] = {
    _config = {vtype="helicopters",blipid=43,blipcolor=1,permissions={"police.vehicle"}},
    ["as350"] = {"AS-350 Ecureuil",0,"police"}

--in cfg.garages section
{"Heli Police",449.2248,-981.2680,43.6916},


Yeah I’ve been trying to use this model as a replace of the polmav for a long time but I always got those texture issues. But now with this file:

it finally works (after renaming everything).


Good, glad to help! :smiley:


moved back to releases as it’s now working (just need @rhys19 to update the 1st post DL links)


@BorgoMadonno do you want me to credit you in desc if so then i will do so :smiley:


Yes thanks I would appreciate it :slight_smile:


alright adding it now


Anyway to add some red/blue lights to it?