[Release] Forced First Person Camera When Aiming / Shooting


Requested Here: [Help] Forced First Person Aim

Simple release that forces you to shoot and aim only in first person camera.




Detailed Support:

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Its Nice,
But u should remove that white DOT…


There are already crosshair removal scripts…

search the forums


That is just in the video, cause i didnt remove it in my server, what does this have to do with this release?

To remove: [Release] No Reticle / Reticle Disabler 1.0


Brilliant, adds to the immersion. Great release.


Nice release, maybe change the title to “Forced First Person When Shooting” just cause that is what the video shows :stuck_out_tongue:


@Dunko Thanks mate!

@Scott_UK I dont think so, cause in the video i show the AIMING to! And this script does that,forces you to go to first person camera when you aim or when you just shoted!


Oh I did not read the “Aim” part :stuck_out_tongue:My bad. Nice script :slight_smile:


but the “WHEN” is needed in the tittle, changing it! Thanks mate @Scott_UK


I thought he was on about the fact the title saying Shoting instead of Shooting lol


That too :joy:


This is from my bad English, and I’m sorry for that, changing! :joy:


Doesn’t seem to affect motorcycles?

I know this is for on foot only and not vehicle. But adding the vehicle can still doesn’t affect motorcycles.


You tried another natives for the camera?


Thanks for the quick reply,

I just got home from work.

Yes, I’ve added in:

This works for ALL cars and trucks etc but does not affect motorcycles. I’m not sure why this is. it’s strange. I’ve also tried

SetFollowVehicleCamViewMode(2) to set it to static far third person and same result. I was able to change camera with v as normal when I was on a motorcycle.


I am going to test it and try to find the best way to do it!


Link dosent work …


it works.


Thx for the release but why your download link is killig my cpu?


thank you
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