[Release] FamilyRP Styled Voice Chat


Hey everyone, here is a release of a FamilyRP styled voice. Basically whenever someone talks the circle underneath them will change from green to blue.

Please note, this does not include a VOIP system, however I can add one if you would like!
POST BELOW IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU WOULD LIKE ONE. (I will be using pNotify in this, as pNotify rules!)

Feel free to edit this however you want, but ask me and the other creator before you release.

Released with permisison and help from:

There has been credit given to this user as well:

Vizzra has gotten permission from the user above to use the code, I was informed by vizzra to also note this user.


[Release] [pNotify] VOIP System - Designed to Work With FamilyRP Style Voice
Voice Chat like OCRP Jeffs server
[HELP] Where to find mod - circles on players feet
Anyone know what mod this would be?
[Large Release] The Family RP Partial Source Code [C#]

Thanks mate! Really nice! Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


Interesting release, good job! I will definitely check this out when I get back from vacation!


Glad to here, I hope you enjoy it! I will be releasing some more stuff, I stopped coding on fivem, and have some cool custom/customized scripts.


So it seems like using voicechat proximity stuff is something others would like to have. I will consider adding that in, and making some cool tweaks and such.


Prox. chat has been added, pNotify will be required in the next push, will release by end of week. Please post comments asking questions etc. Or suggestions, whatever you like.


Updated the picture attached, you should be able to see an example image now.


Voip that works well with this, and has pnotify is done, need to get permission from the orginal creator before I upload.


Released, feel free to check it out!


the circle does not come up in game when i install this


You must be installing it incorrectly then, it works fine for me, as well as others.


You are not able to see your own circle, only other peoples circles.


i dont see any circles


You should be able to see these circles on other people, not yourself


I just tested it again on my own server, and it worked, I even reuploaded on github.


Add VOIP system would be nice!

Can you maybe add a circle with the VOIP distace you are using?


There is a voip system and I posted a link above


the voip system doesnt work with customchat…plus its how far you can hear not talk…


K, I am not working on fivem stuff anymore, so feel free to make your own voip system.


is that permission to use this script?