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an open source external CAD software.

This is no longer being supported, I’ve decided to join BlockBa5her in making DispatchSystem, linked at the bottom of this post.

Hello! I haven’t played FiveM much less been on a roleplay server in a month, however this is a project that I made for a server I used to develop for, and I figured as it’s going to no good use letting it die, I would post it here.

You may have seen this on the forums before, I asked him to take it down or credit me so he took it down.

You might see all the stuff below and wonder what it actually is and does, here’s video (colored bars at the bottom represent the section, white for demonstration).


If you ever need to link someone to this project, please use these:

  • Google Site (doesn’t look like its from 2007 as well) which contains basically all of links below and a sweet Discord plugin that shows our Discord server status (couldn’t post it on here cause HTML).
  • This FiveM forums post which is what youre reading goof
    If you link them to these they are guaranteed to up to date info.
  • GitHub which I personally prefer less-so because it doesn’t have as much info on it, but if you need to link to source I would recommend this more than the others.

Other links


  • Straight to releases. The latest release has almost half the commits of the entire project since that release, so if you want to get a real representation of what it looks like wait for v2.0.0 or join the Discord which has the beta active right now.
  • Straight to the readme file (contains installation and configuration instructions)
  • Straight to project (in-progress features, planned features, and community ideas)

Discord Server (join for faster viewing and talk about new features and also become a beta tester. Betas are really easy to get into!)


  • Civilians: Name, plate, read-only ID, weapons, and read-only tickets),
  • Police: Ticketing (can only ticket people by ID)
  • Dispatch Plate/name/id checks which opens up a read-only view of their civilian profile.
    A unit menu and active unit menu are one of my goals for post v2.0.0 stable

I’m looking for helpers!

I’m planning on adding locale files (ini files that contain info for displaying text different languages). If you speak a second language fluently and confidently, please join the Discord and mention it or message me through the forum PMs.

How to post issues

Please do not post issues here, and if you have issues please check the GitHub to see if other people had it and resolved it. Not resolved? Open a new issue.
If it crashes please immediately post that as a GitHub issue, include what you were doing, and if it’s a server crash please post an image or pastebin of the exception (the paragraph long error that it says as it crashes). Soon error logs will be a thing, but I need to polish everything before the new release happens and I will have a beta for testing before then. Make sure to label your issue as a crash!


You can find credits in the credits file, but I would like to make this part a special place for other FiveM forum users.

  • @BlockBa5her for his great Dispatch System (FiveM forum post) (Github), a project with the similar goal of creating an easy-to-use CAD. Looking into the source showed me how much further the limits of object orientation can go, and led me to working on optimizing my project which will help me in the future. Thank you!


are you sure you have permission from @HelpIHaveEbola to publish this because he released it and he had deleted it.


This is mine, I requested that he delete it. View the post date of the thread and view my earliest commit on GitHub. You can even look at the owner of the repository and see that I link to my profile.


ok i will check it out :wink:


ahh yes first commit was on august! and it does link ok.


Yeah I was the developer for @HelpIHaveEbola and we had to make stuff up as we went when we RPed so I started this project. I was a bit frustrated at first when I saw he uploaded my work w/o crediting but I asked him to take it down or link to the GitHub, we’re good now. Please do not witch hunt him, I can understand his side.


yeah dont worry i wont :joy:


sorry for everything.


Nah it’s fine. You showed me people actually liked it in the FiveM community.


Do you know why it says ‘The specified port (30120) is already in use.’?? Would appreciate if you could have helped me with that :slight_smile: And when i am in the civ tab, i first type in the name then click on business, at that makes the client crash


The “port in use” error catches any error that it throws trying to host a server on that port, it may be a config error. The businesses error I’ve never seen or heard before and I can’t replicate it so I can’t really “fix” that per say.

v2.0.0 beta is coming out soon on the Discord server, it redoes most of the program to make it easier to edit and add new features. Port error has been fixed already.


Or like, after 1 minute of having the civilian tab open it crashes


When I put in my IP and unused port of my server, it keeps telling me Port Is Already In Use. I sent a support ticket to my host and they said they don’t block any ports. I am assuming, for the Server and Client File, I am putting in the Server IP and Unused Port of the FiveM server, correct?

The Client and Server files are fresh downloads from your github.


When connecting to your server, you use your server IP and the port specified, yes. Are you sure that the port isn’t already in use by something else? Also, are you on a Linux or Windows server?


Thanks for the reply, xlxAciDxlx.

So, is the server file (BCRPDBServer) used if hosting locally or on own server? And would the client only be used if using a hosted server, like on GTX Gaming. That’s where my hosted server is located. I am not sure what they use. That’s what I am confused about and what files are used for hosted servers.


This works great, I was using your old version and was sad to see the thread get deleted. Thanks for releasing this for us again!


Ok sorry did not expect this thread to explode and was away.

Like I said above, the try-catch block catches all exceptions, so the error might not even port related. It’s hosting local on TCP. Pick a port nothing else is using.

Sorry it’s buggy at the moment, beta v2 should be out in two days if everything goes as planned but in traditional code debugging it probably will be an extra day or two. I know it’s not optimal, but I’d recommend waiting until v2 comes out as I’m throwing out most v1 errors since it’s being reworked and many will be fixed/invalid/crash logs are a thing in v2 already. Trying my best but making a project and then reworking it take a while. :smile:


anyone coming from my post, and thinking that Clone stole this, it is the other way around, I am sorry, and dont think Clone and I want each other dead, (you can think that maybe a little)


Is there a way to save the data for someones name and what tickets they have gotten?


It saves all the data of the civilians on server exit and loads them on server startup, if that answers your question (it was a little vague).