[Release] EUP for FiveM (SERVER SIDED)


When will EUP be out for everyone ?


Whenever it’s ready for public release.


And when is that ?
20 chaarrasrr


Whenever it’s ready for public release.


And when is that ?
20 chaarrasrr


When they feel its ready for public release.


But when is that like a month 2 hours when


When when when when?
Well whenever it’s ready.
Clearly we don’t know when it’ll be public otherwise we would’ve told you. Asking the same thing over and over again won’t make a difference.


BUt when will it be ready


NO SET TIME OR DATE. you’re giving me a headache


So i need to pay for the one that cost 15 des it stand enywhere that it gives you eup and do you need to have enything else after i bought it?


the menu was working fine and so were all the skins now for whatever reason all the skins are broken and it just randomizes it to mp_male and mp_female


I just bought the Element Club Argentum and on my server, only me who sees the edition of the garment and not the other players, someone could help me about it?


Is it possible to change out the standard uniforms (like the CHP based SAHP) to something else (if you have the files)…


Any plans to include EMS and Fire to the server side pack ?


We are having an issue where when we pull out a firearm the duty belt disappears then when we put id back it reappears. It’s weird and it’s annoying.

EDIT: I figured out what the issue is. If you have [Release] PTTPoliceRadio then it will overwrite the uniform and try to make it look like you don’t have a weapon in your belt when you equip your pistol but instead it deletes your belt entirely.


Can someone help me install NativeUI to my server :slight_smile:


armor is dissepearing :S


Does anyone know how to add the serve and rescue pack?


If the armor is disappearing it means someone has client sided eup installed which breaks the server sided version. I know from experience.