[Release] EUP for FiveM (SERVER SIDED)


how to fix S: 20 char


Ask everyone to remove their EUP from the client side. If you have EUP streaming from server side there is no need for EUP to be client side.


When will this be available to everyone?


Works great ^_^.

I followed the instructions and now I have different uniforms for my server


Anyone know how to add EUP without replacing the mp uniforms? It replaced a huge number of our outfits and ruins everyone’s saved outfits.


When will this not require element club?


When i install it to my server it says the resources load but when i change my clothes everything stays the same


Do you pay 15$ a month ?


Still having an issue trying to find out where the numbers for the props and components come from.

For example below for the Male LSPD Uniform. All of them seem to have the same idea when it comes to the numbers, except for the middle number. So my question is, where does that number come from? Props all have {0-3, #, 0-1} and components all have {0-11, #, 0-2} (component is always missing 2 in the first number.

 ['Male LSPD Uniform (Long Sleeve)'] = {
        category = 'LSPD',
        ped = 'mp_m_freemode_01',
        props = {
            { 0, 0, 0 },
            { 1, 0, 0 },
            { 2, 0, 0 },
            { 3, 0, 0 },
        components = {
            { 1, 1, 1 },
            { 3, 5, 1 },
            { 4, 36, 1 },
            { 5, 49, 1 },
            { 6, 52, 1 },
            { 7, 9, 1 },
            { 8, 58, 1 },
            { 9, 15, 1 },
            { 10, 1, 1 },
            { 11, 144, 1 },


Just wondering if anyone has a version of the EUP with EMS/FD clothing added aswell for the server side version?


Great work on this!
(20 char)


How can i fix this ?


First: Make sure that you installed it correctly.
Second: Delete server cache and your client cache and restart both client and server.


I have install it three times


And deleted your cache?


No… but it dont work at other Players too


Yep. Just use the Search & Rescue pack with Law & Order. I put mine in the same folder as the eup-pack that is in the OP.


If your server is searchable from the FiveM Laucher make sure it says that the server is apart of the Element Club. If not then double check your server key.


I did some research into the natives used, and also the context in which the native has been used.

For props, the first number is the component ID (0 is hats, 1 is glasses, 2 is ears, and 3 is watches). The second number is the drawable ID (in simple terms, the model to use in the first place). Last but not least, the third number is the texture ID (what style the model uses).
To answer your question, the middle number is always 0 so that no props get used when it is initially spawned (judging by what I can see in the code), however, you are able to set the drawable (which, as described above, is the middle number) if you would like to have a default-style of ped when it is initially spawned.

For components, the first number is (again) the component ID (0 is face, 1 is head, 2 is hair, 3 is torso, 4 is legs, 5 is hands, 6 is feet, 7 is eyes, 8 is accessories, 9 is tasks, 10 is textures, and 11 is torso2 (which I presume is shirt overlay). Aside from that, the second and third numbers are the exact same as the props.

I hope this helps you out! If you’re still confused on how it works, feel free to reply and I’ll try my best :>


it says that i have aregntum in the server list