[Release] EUP for FiveM (SERVER SIDED)


Yes, it’s working for me.


If you want any chance of support you should probably elaborate a little, what seems to be not working in particular, have you followed all of the steps etc.


yes u can, pm me if u want with your discord and ill help u


Your right mate, my issue is that I type /eup in-game, nothing happens. That’s all I know about the issue so far.


Try typing it in F8 should work that way if it dont work by doing that you have done something wrong along the way.


Make sure you have NativeUI on the server and started (it’s a separate resource). Pretty sure it’s required for the menu UI to work.


Does EUP still require Element Club?


Read ten post up before asking it saves time


Scroll up my tutorial is like 10 posts above yours.

@TrooperPatrick Yea you can. I added it to it in my tutorial.

Here it is copied from a few replies up where someone copied it from the other EUP post.

I’ve managed to add this to the esx_policejob menu and am happy to share how I did it.

First in eup-ui/client.lua add this

AddEventHandler("eupmenu", function()
    mainMenu:Visible(not mainMenu:Visible())

    while true do

Then in esx_policejob/client.lua at the police_actions menu add this

			{label = _U('eupmenu'),		    value = 'eupmenu'},

then I added this into it a bit further down

		elseif data.current.value == 'eupmenu' then

I personally put mine just before this line

   	elseif data.current.value == 'object_spawner' then

then I added the locales

  ['EUP'] = 'EUP Menu',


Thats a super cool feature!


I’d suggest making sure that NativeUI is started before the EUP section in your cfg. That seemed to have fixed it for me.


Just purchased Patron, hopefully it processes soon


Is it replacement? if so, is it possible to make the uniforms Add-ons?


i took it one step further and just put all the options from the eup menu directly into the ESX Policejob Menu


How do i install the menu theres no read me


Could u dm me that code ?


anyone manage to add fire and ems?


where do you buy it?


https://www.patreon.com/fivem is the link do remembers that you have to pay 15 a month


Is actually possible to some how “lock” edited clothing? I wonder, if regular civil could buy EUP clothes via shop, since it only replaces cloths IDs