[Release] EUP for FiveM (SERVER SIDED)


I tried to install this and it worked but this is what I get…


You need to have Element Club Aurum


No I do not… It worked before I restarted the server


You personally need to quit out of the game and back in then. I find that the case if i just ‘disconnect’ from my server. If I quit out and restart fivem it fixes it.


Is there a possibility to make the command restricted to only those who are cops when im using esx_policejob?


This was on a eup post this may help u


I’ve managed to add this to the esx_policejob menu and am happy to share how I did it.

First in eup-ui/client.lua add this

AddEventHandler("eupmenu", function()
    mainMenu:Visible(not mainMenu:Visible())

    while true do

Then in esx_policejob/client.lua at the police_actions menu add this

			{label = _U('eupmenu'),		    value = 'eupmenu'},

then I added this into it a bit further down

		elseif data.current.value == 'eupmenu' then

I personally put mine just before this line

   	elseif data.current.value == 'object_spawner' then

then I added the locales

  ['EUP'] = 'EUP Menu',


i bought the element club about a week ago and this is fucking amazing thank you soooo much for this! @fendretti


I did that too @Ultrunz


Hey guys got the scripts working and everything is good really like it great work.

Just have one question can you add your own uniforms in and if so how would i go about doing this?
Also there are other EUP uniforms out there for EUP can they maybe added also?

Thanks again for your work and to the guys who coded EUP its Magic =).


okay so. I have bought Element Club Argentum. Added eup to server. Worked fine. Today not working anymore. Tested on two different dev servers. Any help? It appears as I don’t have Element Club Argentum.


wait. I don’t have anymore Argentum Club. WTF?!


Nice (sdasdasdasdasd


Is this still working :frowning:

Also where do i get my Element Club Server Key?? is it the same as any other key i get from fivemkeymaster?


Nvm i found my problem…


Same problem. How can we fix it.


get ECA. its worth it to be honest. Uniforms are super nice 10/10 for pocket change literally. pocket change.


I believe its $15.00 per month


Is there a way to add the EMS/Fire EUP pack to the server sided eup?


I was able to get this fully functional with the default outfits but how does one go about converting single player wardrobe.ini to the ui.lua for custom packs?





Does anyone even give support here any more? YAY i have EUP! YAY i paid to have it. Not YAY for no support in how to add the EMS and Fire.

Why was there no explanation on how to edit the skins.