[Release] EUP for FiveM (SERVER SIDED)


You didn’t pay the developers of this script…
Also, this is a community forum. there’s no guaranteed support, especially for community resources. FiveM does not control those, nor the support for it.


I wasn’t complaining about paying for it at all so i don’t know why your pulling that one part of what i said out i said alot more then that my meaning was about the lack of info on the script on how to add other skins and have them work also and what them numbers mean in components and props so you can maybe add more yourself!


Okay so I had ECA, then a problem appeared. Paid again and now eup is not working. Any help?


Did you make a new server key and put it in the server.cfg? @Parintele


so i paid for the 15 dollar pateron how do i now get my eup i havent got anything yet


How do i put IT in ESX Police Job


you wait until a staff member with access to patron adds your status to the forums. once you get the status on the forums, your keys will be modified to have access to stream it


you don’t. you have to manually put it on


wait until a staff member with patron access sets your status on forums back to valid, then your keys will be modified to allow it again.


there’s a way. there’s a way for everything. it’s just if someone wants to make and release it.


your current keys will be modified to show you have eca and any future keys will say you have eca


meh. i hope people without eca can use it soon.


i do too, hopefully its soon.


Hi I posted this issue in the other EUP thread, not sure which one is considered the “official” thread, so I am adding a post here. If I need to delete one of them, by all means I will do so.

Basically, I’m having a small problem with the EUP rendering. I have it working and it streams the correct peds/accessories.

BUT…At a distance (about 20 meters) all of a sudden the Peds start rendering weird, almost looking like octopus. Here is a video and here is a picture

Thanks for any and all help.

PS My server has a Patreon linked license key :wink:


So does it still require patreon donation?


Yes sir. (20characters)


I can’t get the menu to work


Do you know how to add it?


I have everything working, which is awesome, love having the ability to have so many options for my members. However, I am a little confused on the props and components part of the menu. How do I figure out exactly which number correlates with what prop and item from the ped? Any help would be great!


Is anyone able to use Body Armor / Accessory 2 in their Menu to Customize their ped? We added in a vest that is in there and we can’t access it because we can’t use any of the Accessory 2 models.