[Release] esx-qalle-sellvehicles (sell used cars)



Added that let’s see if it fixed it.


GetEntityHeightAboveGround(vehicle) and then subtract the height returned? :slight_smile:


I would also like to say thank you for the great script


really for some reason when server restarts the cars when they appear, they appear floating until someone puts some car to sell.


have to put a spawn to pick up the vehicles after removing or buying instead of going in the garage or impound search


hi, does anyone know where I can find the menus style that are in the picture of this script?


Hello during the testing of the script often appears such an error. The seller does not receive money for the vehicle sold. I put the same vehicle again for sale and the error did not come and the seller got his money. Unfortunately, I can not locate the problem, maybe time has an impact on this error because the vehicle was exposed about 2 hours


And you are using the latest version?


Probably not, my mistake. I will check if the error appears on the new version of the script





If that really really bothers you, this doesnt happen to me. But if you really want to fix it just lower the Z by 0.985


sellcarserror ???


And you got the newest version?


UpdateCash function not implemented @qalle


Please, its really not working. It gives car to buyer, but not getting his money and giving money to seller!

UPDATE: After restart, buyers money are going away, but seller is not getting his money.


It’s really weird tbh this works fine at my end have you tried checking so its nothing wrong with the identifier from result[1].seller?


Seller steam IDs are properly set in DB


the bug of the car is raised from the ground and only when it restarts more at the time you put another car for sale back to normal, and if I put - 0.985 the vehicle will stay inside the ground


@qalle We are using GHMattiSQL, buyers money are taken away normally, but seller doesnt get anything.
Also, nobody gets a notification.
Latest ESX, older essentialmode.
If i could know any error or what is wrong…
Also, i see @revolt1 got similar problem.


im to your normal JohnnyPernik