[Release] esx-qalle-sellvehicles (sell used cars)





  • This gives you the opportunity to sell your vehicle to another player with modifications and own price.

  • If you find any bug, lemme know and i’ll fix it as quick as possible.

  • If you got feedback how to do it better, lemme know and i’ll redo it.

  • Right now you can only sell 11 vehicles max, you can add more by adding more positions in Config.SellPositions

  • This is like an dealership for used cars.


  • ESX
  • esx_vehicleshop


  1. Download: https://github.com/qalle-fivem/esx-qalle-sellvehicles

  2. Import SQL.

  3. Add this in your server.cfg :
    start esx-qalle-sellvehicles


Here you set the price to what you want others to pay for it.

If you want to change the price you can do so, else just put it up for sale.


Here you see the price of the vehicle, you need to sit in it to access the buy menu.

If you own it you can remove it. Otherwise just buy it.

Sell car to other players script help

oooh thanks for the hard work running into an issue

Not sure if I missed a step …


Oh uploaded wrong sql file 1 sec.


Download the new sql file and insert it.


hmm cool good jobb



Fixed. Forgot to remove an ) for you that got errors. Redownload it.


How do you counter everything when the server is restarted and someone has their car out there for sale what happens? when the server is restarted when it loads back up do their models re appear?


Yes this is database made. It loads the cars on esx:playerLoaded or when resource is restarted.


När man ska slänga upp en bil för försäljning så står det att det redan är 11 ute :S


Hello I do not see the petite For sale and I have this error


Does it work with esx???


Says esx


No, it only works for essx


Love the idea, but im having an issue. No errors in console, or debug. Just this error when trying to place a vehicle for a sale. There are none on the lot, obviously. SQL is installed fine. Again, love the idea, and your other scripts!


It checks for validity on clientside from server callback and does not get fulfilled. Something to do with this line perhaps…


Ill see what I can find I don’t get the error myself.


i also got the same error as @BrickTree


Appreciate your time man. Thanks!


I love this : @qalle


ì get the same problem with the car is not mine/11 cars for sale ??
any ideas on how to fix this ?
in my database for my owned vehicles they are different to the sql u have
mine ar id, vehicle, owner, plate, state
and yours are id, vehicles, vehicleProps, price ?