[Release] esx_menu_default edited to looks like gtaonline


Does anyone know how to fix this?

It’s a resource warning for esx_customui and npc_control… i made a post about it but mods closed it cuzz it was in the wrong place apparently.


So i got a problem with the menu.
i cant change the align position of the menu.
Even doing align = ‘bottom-rights’,

The menu keeps on the top left side.
Any fix?


Yeah, there’s your problem. Remove the “s”.


did that already and didnt worked.
— Edit figured out, the problem is in .css file


		'default', GetCurrentResourceName(), 'shop',
			css =  'superete',
			title =  _U('shop'),
			align = 'bottom-right',
			elements = elements
		function(data, menu)
			TriggerServerEvent('esx_shop:buyItem', data.current.value, data.current.price)
		function(data, menu)


			CurrentAction     = 'shop_menu'
			CurrentActionMsg  = _U('press_menu')
			CurrentActionData = {zone = zone}


Hey, everyone!

I’ve been messing around a bit and I am happy with results, but one thing bugs me still. Is somehow possible to make second collum align to the right? So it looks nice and not all over the place. :slight_smile:


How would I go about utilizing NativeUI for my esx server? Is it complicated?


You will have to convert every menu to nativeui
It takes time


I also gonna do that


How can I activate the personal menu?


Would you ever consider releasing a tutorial on how to convert menu’s to NativeUI? I would love to do it but I have limited scripting knowledge, although I am learning day by day, it’d be cool to see how others did it :joy:


i don’t think :confused: i don’t use esx_menu_default anymore


where can I find those headers plz?


Is it possible to do the same with menu_list and menu_dialog?