[Release] esx_menu_default edited to looks like gtaonline

Does anyone know how to fix this?

It’s a resource warning for esx_customui and npc_control… i made a post about it but mods closed it cuzz it was in the wrong place apparently.

So i got a problem with the menu.
i cant change the align position of the menu.
Even doing align = ‘bottom-rights’,

The menu keeps on the top left side.
Any fix?

Yeah, there’s your problem. Remove the “s”.

did that already and didnt worked.
— Edit figured out, the problem is in .css file


		'default', GetCurrentResourceName(), 'shop',
			css =  'superete',
			title =  _U('shop'),
			align = 'bottom-right',
			elements = elements
		function(data, menu)
			TriggerServerEvent('esx_shop:buyItem', data.current.value, data.current.price)
		function(data, menu)


			CurrentAction     = 'shop_menu'
			CurrentActionMsg  = _U('press_menu')
			CurrentActionData = {zone = zone}

Hey, everyone!

I’ve been messing around a bit and I am happy with results, but one thing bugs me still. Is somehow possible to make second collum align to the right? So it looks nice and not all over the place. :slight_smile:

How would I go about utilizing NativeUI for my esx server? Is it complicated?

You will have to convert every menu to nativeui
It takes time

I also gonna do that

How can I activate the personal menu?

Would you ever consider releasing a tutorial on how to convert menu’s to NativeUI? I would love to do it but I have limited scripting knowledge, although I am learning day by day, it’d be cool to see how others did it :joy:

i don’t think :confused: i don’t use esx_menu_default anymore

where can I find those headers plz?

Is it possible to do the same with menu_list and menu_dialog?

Do it your self :slight_smile:

the image is not displayed on this mechanic someone to help me pls
main.lua (36.5 KB)

Where in the css ?
Every resource has been changed to bottom-right and nothing works .

Hey Guys, first thanks for the share… i think im dump… have installed all as explained and changed (as Example) the esx_shop main.lua like that:

But the Menu on the server looks like that:

Can anyone tell me what i have made wrong?

Hi sorry to be a pain but can anyone translate what each one is for I only know a few :slight_smile:

Your release has been an amazing basis to start with, thank you so much for this release!


Mostly have my design where I want it, but probably will do some more tweaks down the road.

Using CSS animation for the background of the header, if anyone was curious.

(By chance, anyone know how I can easily keep my header from refreshing/re-rendering during every menu render? I’m sure I’ll figure it out, but currently moving forward with work on other resources before I’ll be coming back to work on that minor issue.)


Its don’t work… :c The script disappears (example -> Ammunation)