[Release] esx_menu_default edited to looks like gtaonline



It works well, you just have to copy and the script tries to lessen, but it’s really easy


i did try what i’ve mention the previous message and doesn’t work…


I’ve set it in the css.app from the menu default and added the css into the client.lua from the policejob i dunno why it doesnt work


check your resource.lua on the esx_menu_default did you add the police image to load i believe that must be done

resource_manifest_version '44febabe-d386-4d18-afbe-5e627f4af937'

description 'ESX Menu Default'

version '1.0.2'

client_scripts {

ui_page {

files {


dependencies {


i fixed it…


you must add this in app
because it doesn’t exist

.menu .head_fourriere {
font-family: SignPainter;
font-size: 59px;

background-image: url("…/img/header/fourriere.jpg");
text-align : center;
height : 90px;
line-height : 105px;
color : white;
font-style: oblique;


I feel incredibly dumb, but can’t put certain menus to the right side and centered… Could someone help me with this? -.-


Im in the same boat as you. I’ve added to the app.css

.menu .head_police {
font-family: SignPainter;
font-size: 59px;

background-image: url("…/img/header/police.jpg");
text-align : center;
height : 90px;
line-height : 105px;
color : white;
font-style: oblique;

the resource.lua


and all the corresponding client.lua

	'default', GetCurrentResourceName(), 'police_actions',
		css = 'police',
		title    = 'Police',
		align    = 'bottom-right',

from each one, shops works, ammunation works etc.

I cant get my police added and my ems added, nor the impound want to show up.

also, I cant figure out which option will move all of the menus to the bottom right. I have tried changing some values where I thought it would be but to no avail.

Any help would be amazing. Thanks in advance :smile:

Also I edited most of the pics into english I can upload if people need them :slight_smile:


I’ve got a temporary fix, I just named the police to one that was already added like ‘Concessionnaire.jpg’ and that’s worked fine for now


Did you ever get them moved?


Only to the centered left side :smiley:


Where did you change dude? I am trying to get it to the bottom right



I got all that but i cant figure out how to move it all. every single client/main.lua points to bottom-right, but the menu only sits top left like this example pic


before adding this all my menus were on the bottom-right, its just put itself back at top-left. thought it might be in the resource itself