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hello I have a problem with the work clothes can you help me please


Dose any one else have BLIP problems for fuler and textill job?


i got the blips an items working but can not seem to get store truck working (fuel job) the text tells me This is not your vehicle or you must be a driver. i am sitting in the drivers seat of the spawned truck with trailer lol


Yes I’m having the same problem as you. I even tried using an old version that used to work but got the same result


that’s GTAIV livery [20 CHAR]


Hi there. Does anybody know how i could add a looped animation to a job? For example the miner job? Some help would be highly appriciated.


Still, any way to force a livery, even a blank one?


I haven’t tested this, but I found this


Where do i get the sql for jobs? the sql in the download only contains insert not create table.
i am missing jobs / job_grades / items when i try to import it says those tables don’t exist.
can anyone get me a copy of the create table sql for jobs?


You need es_extended.


is it possible to add a second job under the first job in hud and in code?


Ok i got everything simi working. no errors. it loads up.
but i got 2 issues.
1 when i got to the cirlce for the jobs it says click e but nothing happens. i pressed e stepped out went back in pressed e over and over but it does nothing


morning all , i have a quick question , when i look at my map i dont see fisherman,feul,lumberjack,miner , i only see it when i accept the quest , how can i change it that i see it without accepting the job?


Closer, but no cigar… :frowning: It’s all good, my community will just have to deal with it, lol… Thanks @Xnubil, greatly appreciate the link! :slight_smile:


My friend is having trouble getting jobs to work on his server. He has ESX_Jobs, ESX_Joblisting, ESX_AmbulanceJob, ESX_MecanoJob, ESX_PoliceJob, and ESX_TaxiJob, as the scripts relating to jobs. He believes he has all the dependencies for everything but he still hasn’t been able to get jobs to work. When he tries to go to the job center he gets this error in the server command prompt " An error happens on MySQL for query “SELECT * FROM jobs WHERE whitelisted = false {=}”: Unknown column ‘whitelisted’ in ‘where clause’". Does anyone know why he keeps getting this error and why no jobs want to work. Also here is a picture of what happens if he tries to set his job through the chat.


How do i set the “money wash” patron/boss option to false? for all jobs


Where can i change the jobs that come up in the menu when you enter the jobs centre?


alright. so i have no idea what i did wrong. but i have esx jobs and esx joblisting. everything is set up right, yet the jobs menu does not pop up in esx joblisting. any ideas?


Hello, im new in this so i need some help finding how to enable boss actions and how to make salary/paycheck come out of nowhere, and not from the company’s account. Thank you for your time


go dl addoninventory