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Run this SQL code in the database:


it will fix it.

Now my problem: I have changed the language to ‘en’ but it still shows the french names, anyone knows how to fix this?


Hi i dont see any blips on maps how fix this ??


not sure if this helps


everywhere or what ?


Someone has a new one?

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For any and all support please visit the ESX Discord: https://discord.gg/pVvDcPH 712 as I do not provide support and have been away from quite some time.


anyone know what fvm-installer is and how to use it???


ok so ive reinstalled the whole server twice now, and i just cant get the rings to work at the job center, it says press E but nothing happends when i press E,
i will post a picture of what the server says when i spam the E button in there.


How can I add another job? I created a new .lua in the “Jobs” folder, added new lines in database but i cant see markers in game… I forgot something?


i installed fallowing the intructions but nothing for jobs pops up for me

im getting this error
[ERROR] [MySQL] An error happens on MySQL for query “SELECT * FROM jobs WHERE whitelisted = false {=}”: Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts.


where do i instert the code in heidi sql


My problem is that I am currently receiving this error message

Stopping resource esx_jobs
Error parsing script config.lua in resource esx_jobs: config.lua:1: unexpected symbol near '<\239>'
Failed to load script config.lua.

I’ve had this one before in the esx_policejob so my guess is that there’s like a syntax error. The file is called config.lua

When I edit the file from the FTP which is hosted at Zap-Hosting the file is being called “Config 5”. No idea if that could be a problem.


No job in job center??? …E not press>>>>>>>>>>



Hi, when I enter the job center area and press “E”, nothing happens


Sounds like you need to add the following to your server.cfg:

start esx_menu_default
start esx_menu_dialog
start esx_menu_list

Be sure to add all of this ABOVE the rest of your ESX stuff. Hope this fixes your problem, I had the same issue and that was my fix. Happy developing!


Did you ever get it to work?


I have installed esx_jobs but can not create a character just. Spin around

I need a solution, please introduce me thanks


Same. Everythin is in place on the db and else but can’t get it to work. Copied reporter for a taxi job but nothing shows up?!



When I go to the Taxi menu I see everything in english when I go to the boss actions everything is in a different language how do I change this?


you can change this in the file , if you need help can a help you