Great job, I’m sad that it does not have to VRP version



How would I go about creating a DJ job for this? I created a dj.lua with just this inside ‘TriggerEvent(‘esx_jb_dj:enabledjbooth’, true)’. I guess that’s not how this works lol. Obviously I added it to the database as well.


like i ve said i have integrated it in unicorn job


https://github.com/LuaDeldu/esx_unicornjob - You mean this? It hasn’t been updated in a year


yes , but you can integrate it with policejob too if you want, developping, is coding the things like you want.
We as creators from scripts, give you key how to upgrade your rp server, up to you to do whatever you want.


Can you please share the script with the inventory limit. It would be a dream for me. Thank you.


Awesome, thanks, this should help new users!


Works like a charm! :slight_smile:
thanks for releasing!

some improvements:
Please make a Auto-Loop function, that would be awesome <3
Volume option ( If possible ingame too )
Range option for different zones

Let’s make party! :slight_smile:


Good Job :wink: @Jager_Bom


I am so happy and my players too.
You have make our Day my dude… Love your ressource!!!

Instead of putting in the cloakroom i just add it in the job menu with F6…
Adding this after table insert ‘menu_crafting’

  if (isBarman or IsGradeBoss()) then
    table.insert(elements, {label = _U('crafting'),    value = 'menu_crafting'})
	table.insert(elements, {label = _U('MusiqueOn'),    value = 'MusiqueOn'})  --HERE
	table.insert(elements, {label = _U('MusiqueOff'),    value = 'MusiqueOff'}) --HERE

And after
if data.current.value == ‘billing’ then

I Add:

	  if data.current.value == 'MusiqueOn' then
       TriggerEvent('esx_jb_dj:enabledjbooth', true)
	    ESX.ShowNotification('JukeBox en fonction')
	  	  if data.current.value == 'MusiqueOff' then
       TriggerEvent('esx_jb_dj:enabledjbooth', false)
	    ESX.ShowNotification('JukeBox hors fonction')

This way i turn on/off the music option.
There is plenty of way of doing it.

Let me ask you guys… is it possible to have a Config.Songs for exemple Unicorn and Config.Songs2 for another place?
I dont want every place to share the same music.


Of course you can do a config tot each job. Exit the script to your likings


and how would you do it?


if job = x then
if job = y then


i tried without success…
i have many problem…
i have to set song list for each job
i have to set area for each job…

i tried config.songs2 and config.nightclubs2 without success.

        if PlayerData.job ~= nil and PlayerData.job.name == 'pub' then
            Config.Songs = Config.Songs
            Config.nightclubs = Config.nightclubs
  if PlayerData.job ~= nil and PlayerData.job.name == 'mecano' then
            Config.Songs = Config.Songs2
            Config.nightclubs = Config.nightclubs2

but its doenst work… where is my error…?
in config i did do a
Config.Songs2 and Config.nightclubs2

doing this to prevent this:
Exemple… Mecano set on djbooth… then all area are on…
exemple… mecano play a song… then all area play the song…

i struggle… maybe i have to do a esx_jb_dj_2 for a second job
and esx_jb_dj_3… for another…

im good but i have too many thing too fix for each job.,.


Do you add those lines to the client.lua or the server.lua? I’m still trying to learn correctly. And do you add it at the end or just anywhere between lines?


add them to the client.lua.


Thank you.


I think you’ll need 2 different scripts if you want to play at the same time, but if you just want a different playlist for both, it’s the sollution i showed up your post
PS: never tried to play music at same time on two different places


Some reason when I start the server it doesn’t load the DJ marker unless I restart esx_unicornjob. This is my resource order. I tried putting the unicornjob before ft_libs too but no success.

start esx_jb_dj
start ft_libs
start esx_unicornjob


the marker only shows up when your on duty