I only added this code. I didn’t want it to work only when wearing clothes but even though I have the job I have to restart the unicorn job resource.
TriggerEvent(‘esx_jb_dj:enabledjbooth’, true)


Well me too, didn’t found any solution for that yet, but players that do not have the unicorn job can see the Marker too… This is weird but no problem when I have rights to restart stuff.

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if you don’t want to use the enable djbooth, just edit this line (put anable = true)


how to disable the default GTA5 music in the galaxy club? I can hear it in the background


i have the same problem

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Hello, @Jager_Bom

I love your script but I have one question for u

Musics volume very low how can I up volume?


When i add new songs they don’t play at all. Any ideas on how to fix?


Do like i did no whitespaces and si on


See original post it is explained over there


I made the song names one word so there would be no spaces in the mp3 file name


This is my song list cfg, the original songs play, but the ones i added don’t, Any ideas?

Config.Songs = {
	{song = "ArianaGrande-SideToSide.mp3", label ="ArianaGrande - Side to side"},
	{song = "venga.mp3", label ="Venga Boys - We Like To Party"},
	{song = "Blitzkrieg.mp3", label ="Blitzkrieg Bop"},
	{song = "wildthings.mp3", label ="Alessia Cara - Wild Things"},
	{song = "irish.mp3", label ="Gaelic Storm"},
	{song = "50cent.mp3", label ="50 cent - in da club"},
	{song = 'imaginedragonsbeliever.mp3', label ="Imagine Dragons - Believer"},
	{song = 'macklemoreryanlewisthriftshopfeatwanz.mp3', label =" Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop"},
	{song = 'scorpinsrockyoulikeahurricane.mp3', label ="Scorpins - Rock You Like A Hurricane"},

turn off song default gta 5 for unicornvanilla? thanks nice script :*


add them in __resource


That could be the problem maybe


Hey, I really can’t figure it out how to implement this scipt to my server
Contact me on discord please : Vague#2777


Its just drag and drop. …


It is not working for me… I install everything i added to esx_police client/main.lua TriggerEvent('esx_jb_dj:enabledjbooth', true) but it is not working??


lol police going to play dj ? haha well it must work, becasue working for everyone else. you’ve put it then in wrong section of your code … whre did you put it


hahah I’m just testing it on test server I will put it on main server esx_unicorn but on test server I don’t have unicorn :smiley:
It is like this in client/main.lua

function setUniform(job, playerPed)
	TriggerEvent('skinchanger:getSkin', function(skin)
		if skin.sex == 0 then
			if Config.Uniforms[job].male ~= nil then
				TriggerEvent('skinchanger:loadClothes', skin, Config.Uniforms[job].male)

			if job == 'bullet_wear' then
				SetPedArmour(playerPed, 100)
			if Config.Uniforms[job].female ~= nil then
				TriggerEvent('skinchanger:loadClothes', skin, Config.Uniforms[job].female)

			if job == 'bullet_wear' then
				SetPedArmour(playerPed, 100)
                                TriggerEvent('esx_jb_dj:enabledjbooth', true)

Or maybe if it possible to make this available for everyone so that everyone can play music ?