• code optimised by ft libs
  • when you walk away from dancefloor you will hear less music
  • enable dj booth for the job you want
  • simple menu for choosing the song you want
  • you can play, pause, stop a song
  • other features will maybe implemented

to activate dj booth: paste this line in the job you want:

TriggerEvent('esx_jb_dj:enabledjbooth', true)

if you take your citizen clothes deactivate dj booth and paste that code:

TriggerEvent('esx_jb_dj:enabledjbooth', false)


SHOWCASE (from early version)


ft_libs dependency

start yourjob
start ft_libs --keep always as last ressource

if you want to restart esx_jb_dj: restart esx_jb_dj, then you must restart ft_libs after it

if you think you donc hear any music, comment out these 2 lines and comment in the next two lines:

PS: do not switch too often the music because then you Will Get an in promise error and no idea how to correct that :wink:


Hahah nice. So creative!



thanks mate :slight_smile:


Awesome as always, love your scripts.
Will use this for sure.
A question, what’s the resource for the bag kg/limit on top of your money display?





where I glue the tails into the work, tried but it does not work I also have a requirement


it would be cool to implement this feature on vehicles like an MP3 player


That is so cool
Awesome work… Thanks for sharing it.
Ill use this for sure!
5 stars release


i have no idea how to for install, i’m stupid and safe is very simple xD


You should post this to esx discord


This might be the new way of streaming sound, sirens etc. Great!


So is it attached to that specific club? How do we access that club?


im use



Got it :slight_smile: I do appreciate sending that over. One more question, where do we paste the code in the job file? Is it on the config.lua, client or server .lua?


Client file in your work_wear menu


a vrp version? its excelent!


I did attach it To unicorn job. And toi can implement it where you want. Locations i made is Bahamas, tequilla and a nightclub close To the airport


Awesome release! I will give it a try! :smiley:
But is it only me, or does the video has no Sound? ^^

Take a :hamburger:


First off, Awesome resource.
I recommend providing a link to the dependency for FT_LIBS.
I did manage to get it to work after restarting the job that TriggerEvent('esx_jb_dj:enabledjbooth', true) is called on. So the question being, does the resource need to start after the job the line is in or prior? Currently it is used in esx_policejob and the configuration for the resource load follow:

Any solution you can provide? Thanks.

Also a great resource, I appreciate it.


answered you in main post