[Release][ESX] Foodtruck



Another script today ^^

Introducing the foodtruck.
Very easy to add new recipes (check the config file, you can cook tacos and burger).

You can spawn props:

  • BBQ (to cook, the cooked food will pop on the side of the bbq once cooked)
  • Chair and table (you should use esx_sit, like that your clients will be able to sit on your chairs)


  • esx_jobs (for the packaged_chicken item)
  • esx_shops (to go buy ingredients in small markets)

Thanks to @deldu for the SQL file

@Don is actually translating into english (only french atm)

Don’t forget to come on the discord and share your work and discoveries (~1000 users)


It’s great, keep up the great work about the ESX.


Thanks for Sharing this job and for the time you spent to make it work! Nice!


EN Translation done. Check git for the updated version.


I can’t find the ingredients in the show?
I did add the sql…


In the “show” ? What is the “show” ???


Was supposed to be shop xd
But I found out they got their own shop.
How can I do som job grade 0 also can buy from there?


I can’t access the money from the billing in the boss menu, withdraw and deposit function does not do anything, not even returning an error. Any ideas?


since the addition of script itself some shop no longer works can you help me?


I’ve also seen an issue with the job related market missing the items to choose from. When implementing, I tested and it worked great. Has there been any changes?