[release] [esx] Custom Scoreboard with jobs online



use atom.io to open the html file then go to emojipedia.org and get yourself a new one and replace the old :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help, it worked


Hey guys! Just a quick helpful tip for those of you who might have downloaded the first version that was posted here.

If you are showing 2 EMS Online, while only 1 EMS is on, then you must go into the “server.lua” file and make sure these lines of code aren’t written in there 2 times.

		if xPlayer.job.name == 'ambulance' then
			EMSConnected = EMSConnected + 1

If it is, just remove the second one you see.
Again, this has been fixed and re-uploaded by Stadus… but that was the fix for those wondering :smiley:

Thanks again for the great release Stadus!!! Works great!


Why is this happening?


Really thanks for the work and share this ressource!


Since you don’t have Windows 10 version 1709 (Creators update) you don’t get those fancy emojis.


So my scoreboard isn’t showing up, no errors on the console, starting after es_extended and essentialmode, and then when i change the button to show it for example " X " the scoreboard keeps blinking :confused:


  • Ok nvm sorry for taking your time, i was able to fix it xD


Thanks for the release! I just have a quick question; when i install this on my server it keeps saying it can’t load, even though it’s set after es_extended and essentialmode. Why do you think this happens?


How do I translate the “name” from the scoreboard? (On top of the players name).



what was wrong its doing the same with me


Mine was blinking because of i only change in one place yhe button to open it


mine did the same just found it thanks for answering :slight_smile:


How did you get your Money / Job ETC to show up like that centered uptop?


It’s ESX feller. You can download a premade one from RIB SOSAY on youtube.


Would have been nice to see some localization


Is there a way to change controls? I changed it from 178 to 60 but still dosen’t work.


You need to change it on the following lines: 24 and 58.
With other words:
“if IsControlPressed(0, 27)–[[ INPUT_PHONE ]] then"
"if(IsControlPressed(0, 27) == false) then”


This works great but, when i get the list up, it stick there, if i click the button again nothing happend.
Any idea how i take it away again?


Not sure if this works with 5.0.7 :confused: Seems like it resets the scoreboard folder on server startup if it’s been modified


If you don’t want people Metagaming by your awesome Scoreboard, you should modify stadusrp_getJobsOnline by this kind of code :

local ColorEMSConnected = '🔴'
if EMSConnected > 0 then
	ColorEMSConnected = '✅'