[Release] [ESX] 99kr_burglary



you upload your sql file to your database


I got that but do you buy it somewhere or craft it?


/giveitem ID lockpick 1 also you can put to craft for any job or selling in any shop

What about updates? you going to improve the script?


@Scorpvm I have no idea, i have lost my desire for it.


that’s a shame it’s almost finished if you had a sell spot to implement then that would be all that is needed. What I did was basically just use Esx_Vengelico jewel heist to guide me onto selling the stuff that is used in the robbery.


Im having an issue where I add a new burglary house and I spawn in and come out I spawn at a different house from the one I was just robbing. Anyone know why this is happening?


i create my own script for selling this items


may you share sir to help others.


Thats the same issue Im having, I wasnt sure if it was related to an ipl configuration.


Where to sell


Ive also redone a sell for this. In swedish tho. Can share it tommorow if I get confirmation from the creator.


Has anyone fixed the issue with putting in multiple houses and coming out of one that you robbed and ending up at a different house that you entered into?