[Release] [ESX] 99kr_burglary




This is a simple script for doing a burglary in a house, there isn’t a way to sell the items so you have to fix it yourself. Also a lotteryticket item where you can scrape it and have a chance to win money.

If you want to have it non-esx you can just delete the ESX lines and make it for another framework if you want to.

You can find the configuration and locales in the client or server file, [burglary_client.lua] [burglary_server.lua].


  • Positions and locations
  • Locales
  • Lottery ticket
  • Enable interactsound and/or esx-qalle-camerasystem
  • Enable Blip
  • The chance the cops get notified of the burglary





  • Download and put it into your resources
  • Import the SQL
  • put start 99kr-burglary in your server.cfg

Tutorial for InteractSound

  • Place the lockpick.ogg inside InteractSound/client/html/sounds
  • Open the __resource.lua
  • Put 'client/html/sounds/lockpick.ogg', under the 'client/html/sounds/demo.ogg',
  • Done

Please let me know if i missed something, this is my first time releasing a script.

[Release] Burglary job/script



Nice work man.


mycket fint gjort


Nice Release I Love It :wink:


koksog <3


Yoo this is a neet script m8 this script is so unique and it really cool you did some good work cant wait to see all the cool updates that is going to be pushed to this script


very nice bro :male_detective:


omg its just awesome script!


trying to use this. However, i am at a marker to try and enter…it says E [lockpick] so i click it, menu comes up. I select yes (also tried the other option) and nothing happens. is there something im missing. So i need extraitems installed? Is a lockpick a must? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Im having this issue too… just waiting the answer. :wink:

for i=1, #inventory, 1 do                          
            if inventory[i].name == 'lockpick' then
                LockpickAmount = inventory[i].count

You need to have a lockpick :wink: else it wont work.


i know and i had it


If I’m using esx_properties, then does the blip shows up when I’m in my own building too? I mean that little white circle on the exit


I think so if you have that interior as a apartment


Can’t you make it it only seeable when entered? So if the player haven’t entered the white blip then don’t show it in?


@BrutalSoldier-HUN Sure


There is any place to sell items ?


hello guys beautiful script but after you take the items what are you doing? There is a sale?


Dumb question I know but what resources is needed to get lockpicks?