[Release] Emotes Script


Yes, I know, another emotes script, but I think that mine stands out a little more than the others. See, mine has customization. There is a config to mine that allows you to add new emotes easily. This config is self, explanatory once you see it, and it also comes pre-loaded with most of the essential emotes.

I actually have been holding back releasing this emotes script for a while, I actually first published the release of the emotes script onto my github on Nov. 2 of 2017, but never actually posted it.

Anyway, here are some PICTURES:

Visit this link for the releases github page or this link for the direct github page.

Thanks for downloading if you did. If you want to checkout more of my scripts you can on my github page.

UPDATE April 4, 2019

This script has been updated to cope with FiveM’s development since I first released it. This changes:

  • Moved commands to client and removed server file
  • Moved from chatMessage event to chat:addMessage event
  • Added customizable templates for script (for easier localization)
  • Added chat suggestions for commands
  • Removed the notifications for chat only messages
  • Removed an unwanted message about putting away firearm first
Animation question

This is pretty cool, I’ll be sure to add this to my server.


Does that work for vRP? Also is ESX better than vRP?

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Cool release. I’m sure this can be helpful to many people.


LOL. I actually found it on your github a little while ago, after looking for about a week on the forums, and came across it when I was looking to redownload the Dispatch System. I didn’t think you were going to release it. Lmao.


Awesome release! You the man that definitely can!


Mine too, and has a menu, and is client side only, and … Ok i’m gonna stop :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, great release

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Yeah well I just see people that have emote scripts that are just elseif statements down a singe event with basically no customization for the emotes and such.

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Depends, vRP is more a all in one, ESX is more an easy to understand base working with lots of addons, including all essential ones.


Real quik:
Is there any other emotes you guys would like to see by default inside of the script (anything I’m missing already)?
Link to all emotes: https://pastebin.com/6mrYTdQv


When I add the emotes to my resources in my server and start it in the server config, when I go in-game the emotes will not work. Did I do something wrong?


Press F8 and screenshot console


I got it to work. Thank you!


is this a menu?
is this commands ?


It’s based around commands. A great menu version (that I actually worked on) is this one here


hi I’m adding new emotes in and every time i go on my server and type /emotes the list doesn’t show up? on the messagechat, nothing pops up


How many have you added?


about one or two and when i type /emotes shows nothing in the chat just blank


How many emotes do you have?


Did you makes sure that line of text matches the others format