[Release] Emotes Script



yeah everything was done correctly ill show you screenshots and wha i typed in


What is the name of emote to give middle finger?


I don’t think it’s an emote.


that’s emote is called “bird”
also the /emote dose nothing for me any help


thats cuz its /emotes to get the list and /emote bird to perform the function


I would like to do animation for player to grab umbrella


/emotes does nothing for me as well has anyone fixed this?


Me too, it doesn’t work man


Is it possible to add more emotes like this one? anim@amb@nightclub@dancers@black_madonna_entourage@

Video of what the animation look like:

Animations list:


Works amazing! Thanks.


Hey, weird error I’ve never had before…

Using this script works perfectly, apart from the fact that when typing /emote and /emotes it comes up with “SYSTEM: /emote is not a valid command” before proceeding to show the emotes list or play the emote…

It’s like they’re not registered with the server somehow, any ideas?


That’s another script posting that message, not the emotes script.


This script is for ESX server or vRP server?

And what is the button to open the menu?


This is a standalone script, no vRP or ESX/ES. There is no menu, just commands. /emotes to list the emotes and /emote [name] to start an emote.