[Release] DispatchSystem v2.2



thx for this im gonna implement this with gcidentity thank u ;D


No, perhaps not to function in the way you’ve envisioned it. But I feel that it should use some type of database so if the server restarts, RP scenario’s can continue through server restarts.


Everyone loves suggestions?

  • have profiles save.
  • Have ability to use Player ID’s as well / names? (Would be much faster and smoother RP
  • Be able to see other officer on duty (Eg: /duty (would toggle on/off duty), /onduty (Would have current officers on duty using ID / in game name)
    This would be great for dispatchers to assign people to things.

These are just some suggestions. Keep up the good work on this.


@BlockBa5her could you make it so it saves everyones data into a save folder so if you go and restart the server it doesnt erase everything kinda like how the mellotrainer saves everyones profiles into a folder so the system can reference it?


also how do you implement it into the server because every time i try to it says I cant and I can get my server to start unless i remove it.


You just drag in the files, IDK what is wrong with your server when starting. Is it possible for you to send me the log of the server starting in a PM?


Nevermind I got it fixed. It works great. Could you get something like the file save how mellotrainer has it for vehicles and peds except its for the player names and their criminal history?


How did you get it to work? @Daveyentim1


you gotta download the release file and not the source file. The only issue is when I use it. I just wish we could go and enter to add citations and different commands to the player we are giving the citation too because I currently have to ask the character to do it.



If the vehicle is stolen, the R/O shouldn’t be the person that registered it, because its not his.

Do not pop in the chat, make it local chat only, so only you can see changes

Date of birth with name when registering


This is really cool, I made my own database. But its simple and easy, I like it!


I agree, the only other suggestion I have is to not have it alert other people via chat when somebody creates a new plate


Yeah the plate displaying in chat is a bug, it will be fixed in the next update


Its not the end of the world but, with an active server it can get hectic, but great mod all together


This is not meant for an active server though, I made this script with smaller communities in mind, who don’t want to mess around with MySQL or CouchDB or pay for any system. This is supposed to be a leveled down, free alternative to better ones. If you own a big community, you should then be able to pay for a good Linux server to host OpenCAD or buy a CAD/MDT yourself.


No i get that, we are a smaller server and we love it, thats why i said its okay, when i say active i mean people using it


Im not sure if this was mentioned, but is it possible to change the commands? Ex. /2729 to /records?


Yeah, I was already thinking of better names for the items, just haven’t change anything yet… I will (hopefully) change some commands soon!


Discord and BETA-TESTERS!

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BETA-TESTER Disclaimer:

Not everyone will recieve the BETA-TESTER role, they will have to be confirmed to own a community over 5 members and have had the community for over 2-weeks.

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We love this script and it works very well! Must have for smaller / simple servers. Highly recommend you partake in the beta tester program!