[Release] DispatchSystem v2.2



Really nice Cad and mdt for roleplay server would recommend people to us it



v1.0 Update

  • A whole new interface for dispatchers out of game
  • Runs a whole different server on your existing server (Must have port 33333 open)
  • BOLOs have been added, now police and dispatchers can add them!
  • New commands and fixes for commands
  • TICKETS EXTENSION: When issued ticket, it now shows up on the record.
  • Fixed some bugs including license plates being split and command case issues
  • Getting DispatchSystem ready for a database of some sort (Will be changable in the settings.ini and doesn’t use CouchDB)
  • Reduced logging in console when using it (Only puts them in the dispatchsystem.log)
  • Long errors from dispatch system no longer appear in the console, they are only outputted to the dispatchsystem.log
  • Added “Add Note” options to a Civilian for the dispatcher
  • Plates now display as UPPER
  • Fixed a message displaying to the wrong user
  • Fixed some naming issues
  • Change some command usage messages


Client is locked up. It connects to my server but never searches my civs so please try to check what is going on


Btw I’m very confused what it means by open port 3333???


How did you open the port 30120 for your FiveM server? If you’re on a VPS or have a host website for it, then it should all be good. Else then you open the port 33333 (FIVE 3s NOT FOUR) like you did for your FiveM server.


if its a vps go to windows firewall and allow new rule and select port input it into the box and apply and their you go. http://www.tomshardware.com/faq/id-3114787/open-firewall-ports-windows.html


Good work dev! Just waiting for a mysql system!! Please do it <3 @BlockBa5her


yoooo! also change that it is out of game now

BlockquoteOnly in-game (hard for dispatchers to do it out of game)


Is this freezing the client for anyone else?


no this will not do that…could be something else


When I try to click or enter anything on the client version, it freezes. Not sure


i see what u mean u need a website with php access


Usually when the client freezes that means that it is not properly setup to the server and cannot download or accept the server socket (basically connection refused). Try to change some of the INIs or check to see if the port is open. If nothing else works, please join the DispatchSystem discord please!


Thanks for this ! Does it work on Linux ? if someone has it running on linux, i would like to have a little help :stuck_out_tongue:


It should be working on linux because my test server is run on Ubuntu 16.04 and it works just fine.


Our server is using linux, And this looks really really nice, we’re gonna check it out, ill let you know if it works! P.M me private if you have more questions, we can discuss things on ts, but then just pm me!

  • Hermo


@BlockBa5her hi it says i can contact you if i have issues i am having difficultys installing this if tmr you could help me that would be great or anyone else that is willing to help thank you my discord name is Officer Zack K.#4186


Join the discord here @Rise_Up


v1.1 Update is OUT!


  • New permissions system for dispatchers, cops, and civilians
  • Updated network exchanges between Server and Client
  • New casing for Dispatch Terminal
  • Removed an unused DLL file
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Hope you guys like this update! Thank you so much for being a part of the DispatchSystem Community! Make sure to go checkout the website (not very good on mobile yet), and go checkout the discord as well. These links can be found in the main post above!



Does it save data over restarts?