[Release] Cyberloading

This is my loading screen used in my server


Go in index.html and replace this line

var AudioFile = ‘audio.ogg’;
var BackgroundFile = ‘background.png’;
var LogoFile = ‘logo.png’;
var ColorWawe = ‘#10f5ff’;
var AudioVolume = 0.2;
var Discord = ‘https://discord.gg/XXXXXXX’;


Don’t reshare or change credit


Looks Cool, i like the equalizer ^^


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Really neat!

This is pretty sick honestly love that the Backdrop pulses to the Song.

wowwww that’s sicckkkk xd

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Yo man big thumbsup for design of this will install it asap. Just wondering if the color of equalizer is adjustible ?

I tried using a stream address instead of an internal file location and that doesn’t seem to be working, how would I go about making that work?

After looking on how this script interacts in a web browser is it even possible to use a stream.ogg file? Since it downloads the whole song first then starts the rendering process afterwards, and with a streaming ogg, it won’t ever technically be done streaming I suppose thus never start the rendering process?

ColorWawe is how you change the color of the EQ, in index.html.

do you want to put an external streaming link as a radio?

You can change color wawe, backgroud, logo and music. The logo is always in the center of the screen

this my personal loading on my server https://streamable.com/am7j9

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i changed it to this, verry happy with this finaly got a loadingscreen where music doesnt stop after 10sec xD , like the equalizer realy :+1: for script man GG!


can you help me how to change color of discord HUD pls

on style.css line 57 color: #69cdd7;

thank you

Yes, I absolutely do!!! :smiley: Can you make this happen? For example I’d love to use my internet radio http://www.adrpgta.com:8000/stream.ogg

I try but don’t work

Yes, I had the same problem. From what I saw as the issue is that your EQ renderer waits until the file is completely loaded before attempting to do the rendering. Since the stream.ogg is never quite “finished loading” since it’s a stream, the renderer never kicks off that process and seems to fail without errors.

I tested this in both chrome and firefox on my edited version I made https://www.adrpgta.com/radio

it’s a OGV file no OGG (you can use MP3 for site)

I’m sorry what is an ogv? Never even heard of that extension before? And I have it working just fine with an ogg file on my site already, albeit it takes a while for it to load since it’s a 256mb file, then takes another minute or so for it to render the EQ before starting.