(Release) Custom Loading Screen

Hey! I made a cool little Loading Screen for FiveM servers :blush: These are the features:

Animated gradient background
Animated background particles that move when you move your mouse
Custom music (just replace the file lalala.mp3 with your custom music. !!! DO NOT FORGET TO CHANGE THE NAME IN __resource.lua IF YOU CHANGE THE FILE’S NAME !!!)

Direct Download: t-loadscreen-fixed.rar (4.2 MB)

GitHub Download: https://github.com/teodorandrei/t-loadingscreen

VirusTotal scan: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file-analysis/MjliZjA2Zjg1NmUxOTk5NTYyYTFiOWY1YTQyMjYwNjU6MTU1Mjk0NDk2OA==/detection

(18.03.2019 23:57) >> Fixed “Couldn’t load resource” bug.


Views Record:
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500 - :heavy_check_mark:
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1000 - :heavy_check_mark:
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5000 - :heavy_check_mark:
10.000 - :heavy_check_mark:
20.000 - :heavy_check_mark: OMG!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!


Good Job Looks Nice

Good job man but:


Was fixing that right now! 5 minutes and it will be ready <3

It’s okay I’m uploading the fixed one now :slight_smile:

It’s ok for me! Nice loading screen! :grin:

You have to change this too:

’img/Illusion.png’, to ‘img/Logo.png’,

In the __resource.lua file!


Fixed the bug :heart: I hope you will like my work :smile:

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Pretty dope! Code could use a little cleaning up though :man_mechanic:


I have been using the boot screen for a long time “synn-loadscreen” by Syntasu. Time for a change, it looks great! :sunny:

Omg yes

It would be a good idea to place a cursor to used audio player ?!

Thanks bro! :smiley:

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Nice design! I really like it. Well done!

It’s been removed, flag it next time.

you could enable the cursor for better use of the audio player

Sure! Will update the loadingscreen today, adding an option to enable/disable the cursor :slight_smile:

Nice, Might Switch From Synns Loading Screen For This Can You Add Multiple Songs?

Perfect! U can reply my when update?


No, you can not add multiple songs yet! I will add it in a next update! Until the next update, do not hesitate to suggest me things you would like to see in the loading screen.