[Release] CameraTech by Albo1125 (ANPR/ALPR system)

CameraTech by Albo1125

CameraTech is a resource for FiveM by Albo1125 that provides for an in-depth Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR/ALPR) system simulation. Please view the installation and showcasing video.


Installation & Usage

  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Unzip the CameraTech folder into your resources folder on your FiveM server.
  3. Add the following to your server.cfg file:
start CameraTech
  1. Add (police) vehicle models that are equipped with ANPR to anprvehicles.txt, each new model should be on a new line.
  2. Optionally, enable the ANPR whitelist in vars.lua and add identifiers. This only affects commands for use of police.
  3. Optionally, add or remove fixed ANPR cameras on the map in fixedanprcameras.json, following the format of the provided file.
  4. Optionally, in sv_CameraTech.lua, uncomment lines 10 to 12 and in _resource.lua uncomment line 12. This will make the script insert a new row into a MySQL database whenever a fixed ANPR hit comes in (e.g. for web-based control purposes).


A list of all the commands can be found here

Source Code & Improvements

The source code is available on GitHub under a GPL-3.0 licence. Improvements and new feature additions are very welcome, please feel free to open an issue, or better yet, create a pull request. As a guideline, please do not release separate versions with minor modifications, but contribute to this repository directly. However, if you really do wish to release modified versions of my work, permission & proper credit is always required and you should always link back to this original source and respect the licence.



Fixed issue for users without mysql async


Initial public release.




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Fire :fire:
Good Job!

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Good Job look’s really good :+1:

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wow ! amazing



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Looks gooood


Fixed issue for users without mysql async

Syntax error on line 1 near “=” apparently

"Unexpected Identifier “ulocal” "

I fixed it

Also how can I get those speedcameras ?
Like on the map you have ?


It’s part of this pack

hi albo mate I have follow vid tutorial 5 times and I still cannot get it working on my server unless only use on a vpn server … i my use zap server

could you send me a fix please

anyone get the sql working? if so little help, i uncommented the stuff and still nothing giving error for nil something

Hello How Can I add to this db, When we restart server the old infos gone
anybody know this solution
Acutally I want add plateinfos to db .

Hey man, would this work with the ingame mdt aswell? Like if it is stolen on the mdt database could I make it to go to the camera tech also ?
Thank you

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i cant seem to get this working, i have followed all of your instructions.

great work @albo1125!!! Keep up the amazing work. would be awesome if the bolo system interacted with rocketcad

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Not the gta 5 map , the HUD Minimap

I think its exclusive to KentRPC