[Release] Better voice chat (no more voices through walls)



Hello everyone, I’m releasing a lite version of my “custom voip” resource.
This time it is in lua.

This version provides a better 3D voice chat of the current built-in GTA:O VOIP.
It is obviously, a standalone and optimized resource.


F6 > toggle voice range


With this system you can build some new communication system without any others VOIP: phones, radio, megaphone etc… It doesn’t work on “hearing range” unlike NetworkSetTalkerProximity, the script transport your voice to others players.

I left the “only in vehicle” feature.

Preview (debug mode)

The title is a lie!

Useful natives


Download on Github

please like if you like it :upside_down_face:

This version is untested please report any issue.


Nice m8 cant wait to test this


Interesting, so it will override any vMenu VC?


You’d have to disable vMenu’s VC.


Ahhh okay thanks for the clarification!


I have errors :

Line Error Voice Chat

done loading voice_chat in data file mounter class CfxCacheMounter.
Error resuming coroutine: client.lua:26: attempt to call a nil value (global ‘GetPlayers’)
stack traceback:
client.lua:26: in method ‘UpdateVoices’
client.lua:101: in function client.lua:80
EndpointMapper::HandleRequest: POST /gta5/11/gameservices/Telemetry.asmx/SubmitCompressed
EndpointMapper::HandleRequest: POST /gta5/11/gameservices/socialclub.asmx/GetPasswordRequirements
Error resuming coroutine: client.lua:26: attempt to call a nil value (global ‘GetPlayers’)
stack traceback:
client.lua:26: in method ‘UpdateVoices’
client.lua:63: in method ‘OnModeModified’
client.lua:126: in upvalue ‘UpdateVocalMode’
client.lua:144: in function client.lua:129


Fixed thanks!


Why release if it isn’t tested tho?


Perhaps lack of people to test with or a minor change in the code hence “this version”.


Yea i understand but still seems weird to me


Because it is not my production version.
I have intentionally removed some feature and also the original script works on my gamemode and uses some functions that are not necessary in the file.


Error resuming coroutine: client.lua:39: attempt to index a nil value (field 'Listeners") stack traceback:
client.lua:39: in method ‘UpdateVoices’
client.lua:111: in function client.lua:90

New error


Fixed, sorry guys I should have tested it before :frowning:


Works great now! THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!


Only one thing To say :heart:


Great release man!


The voice is not working. i disabled esx_voice and vmenu voice chat [through the menu] and started to talking, me friend doesn’t heard me, i need any other script to have this or what?
and i don’t have any errors in the console


You obviously need to disable all other voice scripts
and it is perfectly working on regular server (not onesync)


i wiil try to clear cache + disable vcmenu from server config


Bump , i have the dunko vrp pack installed , when i put this resource… it shows me the range on F6 but the chat doesn’t work that way , it’s still the default.