[Release] [ALPHA] "Arma III" Styled Missions


Hi there, would it be possible to change the models of the characters and vehicles? I’d like to do some differently themed missions, like take out the doomsday preppers which would have the shirtless guys and their trucks or a gang under the boardwalk with their lowriders but I can’t seem to figure out how to choose those particular models.

Thanks for your time!


One word:


  • Will resolve your problems
  • Simple
  • Easy
  • 10/10 IGN
  • Requires one brain cell (or in other languages, B R I A N C E L L )

Model List: https://ragepluginhook.net/PedModels.aspx
Weapon Hashes: https://wiki.fivem.net/wiki/Weapons
Vehicle Model Names: https://wiki.fivem.net/wiki/Vehicles

Let me know if you need more help :slight_smile:
~Lance Good :mascot:


By config.lua, I assume you mean missions.lua or am I mistaken?

Since you offered… Is there an online documentation that would help me come up with a way to match human readable character models to “s_m_y_ammucity_01” so I know what to add? I searched the model I pasted above but although I’ve got hundreds of results, I don’t see a list of any sort that I could use.

Thanks for your time!

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Hi there everyone!

Has anyone been able to modify this to make the mission available to anyone on the server to complete, regardless of who has started the it? If not, would they mind helping me figure out how?

Thanks for your time!


Thanks for all the help so far, everyone! I return this time with a question and a bug.

Bug: When user that started the mission reaches the map icon, it disappears for him but it remains for everyone else on the server, even if they arrive at that red circle with star on the map as well.

Question: Is there any way to prevent a wanted level for the user that started the mission? I’m finding it difficult to add any baddie NPCs at all due to the user having enough cops around to make the mission enough of a challenge. I’d love to be able to flavor the mission with NPCs while not having to worry about the user’s 3 and 4 star wanted level.

Thanks for your time!


Love this so far, great work.

Having missions randomly spawn for all players would be a cool addition. Could set up some nice npc missions like the arma 2 wasteland/dayz days.


Not a bad idea! I will definitely add this to my to-do list.

Thanks for the idea and your support!

~Lance Good


Is it possible to spawn Vehicles with multiple Enemies or without Enemies?


I just got into Fivem, and have been looking for something like this to putz around with on a local server. Thanks LanceGood.
I played about with the code, and added some minor features (not committed to the GitHub repo), which seem to work OK.
Whats been added:
Missions now have types, the original mission type is “Objective”, I have added an “Assassinate” type as well.
See mission.lua for examples.
For assassinate you also add a target=true attribute to at least one mission ped, or to at least one vehicle (whereby the primary id2 ped which drives the vehicle becomes a target). When peds have target=true, they will show up as crosshair blips, to show that they need to be taken out to complete the mission. Target peds can now take off in cars etc or by foot which you may need to chase down to complete the mission. -Tip: You can define a ‘Weapon’ attribute for vehicles, but if you want to make sure the ped (‘id2’) drives, dont define a Weapon. Also, make sure there are plenty of ‘bodyguard’ Peds nearby that the player needs to fight before they can access the vehicles.

Added Features & Changes:

-added an ‘ExtraPeds’ attribute for Vehicles, whereby you can define peds from the Peds collection for the mission to be added as extra passengers into the vehicle. NOTE: for this to work, when you define the Peds, you need to start the id with 1, and increment by 1 in order.
-added an ‘armor’ attribute for Peds and Vehicles, whereby if it is set, will add armor of that amount to the ped. For vehicles, this will be added to the ‘id2’ ped defined, which is set to seat -1, and is typically the driver.
-The bug with the blip not disappearing for other players should be working now at mission end, but it’s not tested. I added a server event to send to all players.
-also made a change: attached blips to the “id2” peds driving the vehicles, not the vehicles themselves.

Thought I would share, if the author is OK with that. http://www.mediafire.com/file/2c30s264ez1que3/mrp-missions-2.3.zip/file

This is an ‘unofficial’ 2.3 version. I dont plan to support this. FYI, I noticed funkiness with the script not working (w.o. errors in the console), when I chose certain different models ( i.e. S_M_M_FIBOffice_01 & S_M_M_FIBOffice_02). So you need to experiment with different models to see which ones work in fivem.

EDIT: Made another fix for typos with removing the mission blip for other players, please re-download from her again if that is not working: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2c30s264ez1que3/mrp-missions-2.3.zip/file


made some more updates, to my ‘unoffical’ 2.3 version above.
Changes from 2.3 and earlier:
-When a mission is completed now, another mission will be loaded automatically after some time. You can also configure the mission completion message as well as the mission start message (max ~98 characters)
In missions.lua to support this:
Config.RandomMissions = true --set false for linear progression
Config.MissionSpaceTime = 10000 --milliseconds between missions

‘Unofficial’ 2.4 patch, not in the GIT.

Im not supporting this, but wanted to share.


I’ve been on these forums for nearly two years and somehow I didn’t notice this resource, and I have to say this is some really good work! Bonus points for the originality :mascot:


Decided to play about some more, and also added props and pickups that can be also defined in missions.lua to spawn per mission. See the missions.lua for examples.

For example, you can have a weapon cache box at the objective marker, and when it is liberated, pickups will be spawned there. Or other props added to flesh out a mission story.

Props will disappear along with everything else at mission end. Pickups will spawn when the mission ends (and everything else has gone). I had a pickup cleanup script that tried to delete unused pickups right when the new mission began, but could not get it to work.

For pickups, if you use Name=“RANDOM”, it will use a random item from the ‘spawnableWeapons’ array in client.lua, which you can edit, or you can set Name to be the hash name for the pickup, i.e. PICKUP_WEAPON_PISTOL and it will spawn that.

I found spawning props to be really chippy, i.e. floating in the air, and there is probably a better way than what I did to solve it, but it seems to work now nonetheless.
Also, I used some code that would spawn rotating floating weapons, but instead the pickups fall onto the floor (they dont rotate either…at least they don’t float!)

Other that some minor changes in the logic were made as well.

This is the ‘unofficial’ and experimental v2.5

It works for me, but has not been tested across multiple clients at once . It should be fine. Maybe the original author or someone else can incorporate some of the code changes/ideas here into something more substantial in the future as well. If someone fixes any bugs or makes improvements, please post back here :slightly_smiling_face:


what is the other resource in your archive…?


Oh yeah, its called plotcoords. Its a quick tool I built for plotting positions and headings.

This resource will allow you to use the phone button (same as what brings up scoreboard) to plot the player’s x,y,z coordinates and camera heading
in a format so that you can easily put it into the missions.lua file. I found that using the camera heading was much easier than plotting the player’s heading, since the the player ped is clumsier.
I left the code for using player heading in the lua files, commeted out, if you prefer to use that.
All coordinates and headings are placed in the positions.txt file


Im using GCPhone. then i think is not going to work…
do i need to load it for the v2.5 to work?
2.4 work fine… but mission 3… can finish it… the flag circle never appear.

thanks for sharing your version i enjoy it.


Whatever key is bound to the default phone should make it work.

2.4 work fine… but mission 3… can finish it… the flag circle never appear.

Glad to hear. There are no markers (the purple/blue cylinders) for assassination type missions, only for objective type meetings, where the marker represents the objective.


i thought all the mission where finish the same.
i tried 2.5 … hmm indont see any drop or reward… did i do something wrong?
Or maybe my little script anti weapon drop bugs it.!


It will be Mission2. You should see 2 ammo boxes spawns which are props, one in the circle, and on closer to the water outside the circle by a couple of meters or so.
The pickups that should spawn, one should be where the ammo box closer to the water was. the other pickup will be also outside the circle, but closer to the building/pavement, which is about a couple of meters outside the circle.


thx ill try that after work.
thx a lot for your time and work


fyi, Misson2 to Mission5 are just test missions for proof of concept. Mission 3 spawns at the same place as Mission2 for example.