JSFour-ATM (English Translation)

Probably the wrong name of the folder.

That might be, I will try to reinstall it tomorrow :slight_smile:

  • Im not blaming you, As i said i didnt know where to change langugage at, so it is possible i ruiend it :3

No it’s okay haha ^^

The name of the folder must be jsfour-atm. Nothing else will work. When you download it from the github it has a -master tag at the end which needs to be removed.

Error running call reference function for resource esplugin_mysql: citizen:/scri
pting/lua/scheduler.lua:403: @esplugin_mysql/server.lua:44: attempt to call a ni
l value (upvalue 'callback')
stack traceback:
        @esplugin_mysql/server.lua:44: in upvalue 'ref'
        citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:389: in function <citizen:/scriptin
        [C]: in function 'xpcall'
        citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:388: in function <citizen:/scriptin
stack traceback:
        [C]: in function 'error'
        citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:403: in function <citizen:/scriptin
Error: Unhandled error in timer: Error: BUFFER_SHORTAGE
    at n.e [as reserve] (citizen:/scripting/v8/msgpack.js:29:12766)
    at h (citizen:/scripting/v8/msgpack.js:29:15761)
    at n.r [as decode] (citizen:/scripting/v8/msgpack.js:29:13908)
    at n.fetch (citizen:/scripting/v8/msgpack.js:29:6972)
    at n.u [as read] (citizen:/scripting/v8/msgpack.js:29:12076)
    at Object.n [as decode] (citizen:/scripting/v8/msgpack.js:29:7097)
    at unpack (citizen:/scripting/v8/main.js:20:33)
    at citizen:/scripting/v8/main.js:51:20
    at setImmediate (mysql-async.js:4962:9)
    at Object.callback (citizen:/scripting/v8/timer.js:96:21)
Error running system event handling function for resource jsfour-atm: citizen:/scr
ipting/lua/scheduler.lua:41: Failed to execute thread: @jsfour-atm/server.lua:128:
 attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
        @jsfour-atm/server.lua:128: in upvalue 'handler'
        citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:219: in function <citizen:/scriptin
stack traceback:
        [C]: in function 'error'
        citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:41: in field 'CreateThreadNow'
        citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:218: in function <citizen:/scriptin

I have problems using register with atm together.

good release!

did you get this fixed?

Nope i had kash disable until now so i did not had to find a fix for it.
I might reinstall this sometime this week.

Edit: i think i fixed it. Seems to be working fine. I pm’ed you so you can test and provide feedback.

let me test! :smiley:

Sent you a message. Please let me know if it works.

20 chars

where is your version?

How can i create ingame the password for the ATM

Why do I have to set the ATM to Withdraw when I want to Deposit and Deposit when I want to Withdraw?

fixed? i really have the same problem…T.T

Easy fix for this iv already done this.

\resources[jsfour]\jsfour-atm\html and open index.html, Possible with notepad++ then change line 67 & 74 text to other way round.

P.S. depending where you have your jsfour-atm folder located everyones might be different

Hello,can you give me this script for vrp? Please,i need it!

can yoy make any support on it for vRP

When I go near the ATM it spams the alert sound to hit E. When I do that, the original atm screen comes up and not the one from this mod. I get the error below in console:

es_extended: TriggerServerCallback => [jsfour-atm:getMoney] does not exist

Actually I realized I do get this error as well:

Error loading script server.lua in resource jsfour-atm: @jsfour-atm/server.lua:12: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘ESX’)

stack traceback:

@jsfour-atm/server.lua:12: in main chunk

Failed to load script server.lua.

Started resource jsfour-atm

Please keep issues to the GitHub rather than spamming this forum post…

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