JSFour-ATM (English Translation)


First of all I had permission to post this from the creator (@jsfour)
His github is https://github.com/jonassvensson4.

DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/Ultrunz/jsfour-atm

This is an amazing animated ATM script for ESX that I have translated with help from Jonas (the creator) into English. It’s a basic drag, drop and start. This script replaces ‘new_banking’

It adds a usable ATM to your game.
press the card slot to insert your card then press the keypad to enter your pin code (any number).
It takes about 5 seconds to complete a withdrawal.
If you have to withdraw or deposit a larger amount of money then you can visit a bank and do so inside.

*The one hosted on my github now has Dollars :slight_smile:


  • Drag the script in your resource folder
  • Add to your server.cfg
  • Insert the sql file into your database
  • Profit!

Video: https://streamable.com/b1p2d


wheres is the download link?


oops xD Its there now


You and your friend are amazing thanks for this nice Script i love you xD


For the swedish people there’s a swedish version on my Github :slight_smile:

If you want to translate it into your own language there’s also a link to the PSD files used for the images


NICE :smiley: Going to use this on the server, very nice release!!!


I just downloaded this and the actual ATM is still not in english. Am I missing something?


My bad missed a file. Redownload


did you replace it in Vrp ?


this is fucking amazing. GJ. keep it up!


will someone convert this amazing resource to vRP? I tried but both things, atm and bank, do not show up when Im in the area…


Great work :stuck_out_tongue:
Any permissions for graphics change? I mean style not translation :smiley:

Will You add pin code change in the future?


Is there a way to change pin code?


Search for 1111 in init.js


is this esx? or does it not go with a framework


It’s for ESX I edited the description though, Sorry.


np thanks for the info


Wonder if you can make it so users can set their own pin number, or any pin goes through


I’m looking into the latter.


Send me a buzz if you got that working! Would love to use this on our server!