In-Game Tablet with Web Based CAD/MDT Support


Thank you for making this. I use The Rocket CAD and it was simple to change over to, and works flawlessly!


I could add that in when I get some time, I’ve been super busy with other projects lately.


you can do better then that you could add the hold/using tablet emote and prop to the script thats what i did

added the event trigger to the tab toggle
this is what it would look like without the tab activated


You need to cancel the animation. Check out how other phone mods do it for reference.


I know my script does cancel the animation just used my chat command to show you the animation and prop used


Ahh that makes sense.


To anyone having an issue with some of the dropdown boxes in their CAD system (Specifically OpenCAD’s plate registration), I resolved this by adding the “selectpicker” class to the HTML for the select tags in civilian.php that were missing it.

All of the dropdowns work for me now properly in-game with the tablet. YMMV, however, so keep that in mind, and this CSS class will work only with OpenCAD. If you’re using another CAD, this might point you in the right direction at least.

Great resource, btw. Thanks for it!

*Disclaimer: Sorry, I won’t help you do this but it’s a simple task. If you don’t know what you’re doing, though, ask a friend or you might break something. I take no responsibility for your actions :slight_smile:


Hold up does this support any website???


Well depends on the website if it blocks Iframes or not. If your hosting the site you can for sure make it work.


Does that animation work when in the car? As LEO… :slightly_smiling_face:


i hope this answers your question


i believe you have to set the int flag in TaskPlayAnim to 50 could be wrong though


how come you never added this to ur server?


Could there be a possible bug? The ipad on my server pops up for people pretty frequently…


While they are using a controller?


Yes , that exactly! i do not have that specific problem because i’m a keyboard user. But controller users seem to have the tab pop up every X amount of…
I already removed the “iscontroljustpressed” for the controller , so it’s only able to activate through keyboard
It happens at random intervals for some reason. They dont press anything and it pops up. Even my civs tried retracing their actions but no luck. Happens at random


What key are you using to bring it up?


Open the tablet then when I close it mouse is stuck on the scene…


Did this issue of yours with the controls not being enabled get fixed? Im having that issue


Used Keypad 6 , switched to arrow down and now on keypad 4