In-Game Tablet with Web Based CAD/MDT Support



Im using In-Game Tablet with Web Based CAD/MDT Support 3,
now i did try to send the steam id trough the tab. When i do a alert(steamid) it does show my steamid,
But when the server started and i join the server it does not send my steamid unless i restart the tab.

Anyone could help me fix this issue?

What i want it to do is send the steam id trough the tablet on to the website. so i can save it in a session ( that part works) only sending the steam id by default without restarting the tab.


Send the id thru the client when the user opens the tablet is my best guess off the top of my head. I’m just waking up tho so that could be totally wrong.


@AminYadevice Yeah thats exactly what i did. but whenever you join the server it’s undefined then i just restart the tab and it works then it gets my steamid.

So thats why im asking if anyone got a fix for this or a better way of doing it.


Check out what these guys did. Not totally sure what your up too but maybe it can help.


What i want to do is send the steamid to the website ( openCAD ) so they auto login.
The auto login does work


Well that admin panel sends the steamid to the panel website, maybe you can figure out making it work for your use. I might be able to help this evening.


That would be great im working on this for a couple days not trying to figure out how i would solve this, but you did give me an idea now, on the website itself i could use the steam login ( if there is no way of sending it ) but there must be a way to send it. when i restart the tab it works so it should be working but im missing something i think.


You could always setup the sign inthe same way they do. When you hit the login page it redirects to steam login with a Web API then sends you back to the site. Without a pop up too which should work fine thru the tab.


Yeah thats what i meant by that gave me the idea when you liked it and i saw that part.

But it would be nicer if you could send the steamid trought the tab because that will reduce loggin in everytime.
Thats why i want it to work like that.

Can i add you on discord? so we can look at it this evening? im home around 6


For sure if you join my support server you’ll be able to add me and message me.


Hello everyone
after making the tablet disappears but i still have the mouse on and can not do anything else. I am based on esx someone would have a solutions
thank you


dsl I am a French baguette !!! Google Translate


Thank you so much, hope this will work


You changed the name of the tab folder. Change it back.


good evening yes I change a tab name


I gave the correct name and everything works nickel
thank you


No problem I’ll push an update for it so you can name it whatever in the next couple days. Just busy.


can be an update or we can take pictures and send them via discord would be cool


I’ll make the update live for everyone. I’ll let you know when I post it.


Anyway you could add so the “holding phone in 1 hand animation” would play when you bring the screen up?