In-Game Tablet with Web Based CAD/MDT Support


I still use m and I don’t have any issues with it coming up. Also, the tab is set to check that the input was on keyboard before it opens. That’s what this means GetLastInputMethod( 0 ) and 0 is keyboard.


Can you explain more? I mean I have it set to numpad 4, now I need to check somewhere else if its pressed as well? there is another spot that the default button is checked?


The tablet comes out of the box not to open with a controller, well its supposed to. If you have the latest version then it shouldn’t open. But I’ve never set it to the number keys so I guess I can’t say for sure. This line here( if (IsControlJustPressed(0, 244)) and GetLastInputMethod( 0 ) then ) located at line 59 in the client.lua is supposed to stop it from opening on controller. I’ve noticed tho with other scripts that it isn’t foolproof but you’ll need to look up all the controls and see what does what with what. Just part of the fun of running a server.


dont rename the folder.


No its not like i’m having trouble with controller , we completely removed the controller function for it. It’s just that it randomly opens frequently. Hence asking the question if you could possibly have a look at a possible bug ?

I can send you the resource we have if you want me to. Just message me in PMs


Message me on discord and I’ll see what I can do to help you.


Fireeeee, super easy to customize :]


How do I change the key that opens the tablet?


Does anyone know how I can make the in game voice chat work while the tab is activated?


Images break on the html pages in-game, but out of game the site is fine. Is this a bug or is there a work around?


I can not get my cad to work on it it just loads and loads


Is it OpenCAD? or is it Bubble? if it’s bubble it won’t work


Run it in an iframe. Ensure this is enabled.


Bubble cad does work you need to allow the xframe(iframe)in the general settings of your app


Did you add the pictures to the resource?


yeah, it just shows broken link I think we are going to host the site so it wont matter. Thanks


what is the name of the function i would need to export to open this through another menu?

like this

AddEventHandler(‘openTablet’, function()
opentabletfunction() <<<< what would i put here?


Nice Animation, could you please tell us the fully animation name please ?


nice releases , thanks i hope see v2 sooooon :sunglasses:


Recently, we’ve been seeing resource time warnings from the tablet. It’s never been an issue before. Is anyone else seeing this?