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The LSPD is now hiring! Please join our discord and ask for an interview today!




LSPD, SAHP and EMS are looking for new cadets! Seek us out in your discord!


HSRP has recently gone through a development phase to give better optimization to our server.
WE have an amazing core of roleplayers and looking to expand!
We are looking for personal to fill police roles as well as EMS.
What are you waiting for?
Come check us out today!


The LSPD is looking for new LEO’s to join up!
What you waiting for?



I have a question… What are those ugly circles under every char useful for? Looks like The Sims…


We no longer use those and haven’t for some time - those had been voted in a long time to help identify players - when someone had talked it would change colors.


HSRP is looking for 2-3 dispatchers - if interested please join our discord and display interest!
Best of luck


Hello Fivem! We have 3 streams going on right now! Why not take a peak!


Hello, I am Rick C, the dispatch director of HSRP Communications. If you are interested PLEASE join the discord listed above, or the one below. The minimum age at 18. For dispatch, you dont need a fancy gaming computer, all you need is a Windows OS computer, and a microphone, the DTO’s will train you until they think you are ready to do your sit alongs.

Dispatch Application
Dispatch SOP


Just saying


Wait so you can’t join if you have Linux OS Machine well thats disappointing for Linux Users! :joy:


I dont know the exact OS you need, Windows is a famous one, so that is the one that I put down



Hello guys! Sorry not sorry I haven’t posted in awhile!
So - onesync is awesome but still very unstable to play.

I wanted to share some of the videos that a few of our civs have created.



this is the worlds worst server on five m the admins wont even talk to you about anything at all and will ban you for no reason im suing the owners of the server


why? They did nothing wrong, if you have a problem with it, then make a hate video or something


@MR.Z1234ify You had been removed from the community for the following reasons.

  1. sexual advances/harassment towards the female players
  2. Constant Cop baiting - driving in legion square like a clown.
  3. Breaking our community rules as forward.

Definition: Fail RP - Breaking character of any capacity. Talking about OOC things when others are in character. Utilizing unrealistic game mechanics / physics to complete tasks such as jumping off a three story building and running away, running away immediately after being revived for significant injuries, ignoring car accidents that would have resulted in injury or incapacitate.

  1. Be respectful at all times. No racial slurs period.

This is a big one here
3. Do NOT private message staff. Use the support ticket function in Discord.

My advice to you is to not put anymore light onto this than it has to be. I understand you think this is a

Blockquote this is the worlds worst server

But you have been removed from the community administrators for good reason.
Go ahead and find somewhere else to Roleplay!
Best of luck


whelp i don’t care i found a better server a i told them what you all banned me for and they started laughing at you and said that was the most stupid reason ever because i only hung out with one guy and im applying for staff soon on the server and ill probable get it because i know everyone on the server and im always helping the admins and the owners fix things with the server