FiveM update - March 27th, 2018


Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles and then search for the file with fivem cfg or something with fivem in it and then place the saves in that folder that you found the fivem cfg or whatever it’s called and then launch fivem sp again


After you have your save, go to Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles then search for the folder where a file called “fivem_set.bin” is located. After you find where the file is, place your saved file in the same location. Then it should be working!


Anybody else with this issue?


Keep getting crashes on my server after the new update


Yep, that’s the one (20 char)


my server’s just fine :slight_smile: idk what the prob is there if you added any new resources try removing them or update your server if it needs updating and last resort if all else fails reinstall your server


Trying to figure out how to use custom cars in the single player, been trying everything from Mods folder, to modifying the original, anyone have a solution? Great update just not enough information to help everyone.


Again; If you have any issues/crashes/problems, make your own technical support topic with a filled out template.

@air15soft @TheZiggingZag


I literally posted the link to my tech support ticket @Syntasu lmao


I have a feeling the singleplayer is an early April fools prank


Yeah, a total April fools prank…


i am having issues trying to get pass the first load when u first start gtav i wated for 2 hour and nothing still loading on five m sp


How does “FiveM Singleplayer” works? Like a local lan server?


all u have to do is go here

where ever urs is Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles and copy ur saves to the fivem folder it fixed it for me


I’m not quite sure where to find scripts but i know that i want to try out the stuff that polecat and them use just to see what its like since i cant play on fivem multiplayer since i was a bad boy but that was my first time playing fivem that day so i wasn’t smart or didn’t know anything about it know i do when i say played on five m multiplayer i wasn’t on polecats server i was on another one


each folder should have the save in it witch I gess is for fivem


It is basically the GTA Singleplayer, but with FiveM stuff. IDK exectly, i know that is not the best description, but it is what i could say. If anyone wants to elaborate more, go for it.


Sorry, where i can find the actuall updates? forgot it after holiday…maybe to much “apreski” :wink:


Hey I’m new to all of this and I just downloaded FiveM, I decided to go on the single player version and all was working in till I got to the screen saying “Ludendorff, North Yankton, nine years ago” this is when it froze I waited a bit but nothing loaded. I saw a staff member telling someone with the same problem to add a save game. I have completed story mode so I do have a saved profile but I have no clue how to “add a save game”


nice bro