FiveM update - March 27th, 2018


Mine is also stuck in the “Ludendorff, North Yankton, nine years ago.” screen.


Out of sheer interest, would there be some kind of roundabout way to play LSPDFR with FiveM singleplayer?


doubtful, RPH is closed-source and relies on its own launcher

what scroll bug? :open_mouth: nobody posted a bug report about such a thing

try adding a save game, this apparently is broken

‘log out’?



Now changed the color of the screen to red. only stays on it when starting fiveM


log out = exit game, When I’ve been inside and playing when I leave the game, it’s freezing


Now when closing FiveM the game freezes and will not allow you to force quit.


even with task manager?


Yes, I have to create a new desktop, drag task manager to new desktop then go to the new desktop and force quit. Cannot get it to go away. Black Screen with normal gta letters in the middle.


have you tried alt + tab switch to task manager screen then force quit it? that’s what i do (but i don’t run fivem fullscreen i used to but now i don’t)


can you use things like lspdfr or anything like that on fiveM SP?


I also have the same problem after the update :frowning:


How do you modify cars and stuff in the FiveM singleplayer. Is it just in the normal game files? Also i would fins it usefull if where it would say online for GTA:O you could put FiveM and have it bring you to the multiplayer.


I don’t use FiveM SP but I would love to see that feature!


Also having the same issue, my PC just freezes up and I can’t even tab out to close it lol.


I tried putting in a savegame for gta, doesen’t work, still on the “Ludendorf, North Yankton, nine years ago”… what should i do? im desperate -.-


i still have the colored screen, would be awesome to try the FiveM SP


i tried that but it crashed saying that my game files were modified so idk if you can yet


mine works you can use this i installed that and it worked


But where do you put it? With the rest of your savegames, or is there a seperate folder they go to for FiveM SP?