FiveM update - July 1st, 2018


We pushed another bug fix and performance improvement release to production. The changes since June 14th are:



Good, danke :))) (20char)


I can’t Update it. It says an error.

Here the error:


same goes, even uninstalled


same cant run it Sort this out


@Tyler_M This is not the place to be advertising your server, post that here.


Wow no shame whatsoever…


This is not better - this is fucking up


then why don’t you do it yourself, fucking self entitled prick


it’s related to antivirus softwares it seems, try disabling yours


Whenever i’m trying to update it, it gives me the same error+my antivirus is finding trojans during update and after update. Not succesfully finished.


disable your antivirus, they are false positive, happens after every update. report the false positive to them(the antivirus company) so they can fix the problem


Alright, either turn the antivirus off, or let it update with anti-virus on and allow the files that get thrown into quarantine. Thanks for the reply.


I disabled firewall & also tried allowing (already allowed) didnt solve.


Sadly, antivirus vendors don’t even ‘fix’ their problems - they just whitelist a specific file version only for it to cause issues again whenever the game updates.


Windows defender shows this “Trojan:Win32/Fuery.B!cl”… And i cant download this update.


Same issue i’m having




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Can’t start it… It says an error if i update it.