FiveM Gametype Contest (+ prizes!)


What a shame. I’m interested in the whole spectrum including RP as long as servers are unique and bring something new!

What a shame. The submissions I’ve seen are also just from regular members that I see often on the Discord or have talked to a lot in the past. I thought we’d see new faces, but I guess not even 100s of $ motivates them to create something new.


@Flatracer I don’t think you can see the support email inbox, but a number of gamemodes have already been submitted. So the interest is there for something not RP related.


Yeah. Well lots of the regulars somewhat know what they are doing. But new faces is a shame.



Thats what I expected.

That not though.


I just submitted my gamemode. Too bad I started working on it just a week ago. It has a lot of potential for improvement.


Are people hosting some of these new game modes on servers?

Maybe there is and I don’t know about it but it would be cool if there was a “tag” to search for in the server list to find them


I add “contest” tag for mine, but I don’t know for others ^^


Good luck to everyone who entered.


Me and @shayan_doust entered yesterday with our game mode as well :smile: :crossed_fingers:


Ohh, what is it about? :thinking:


You have been awarded additional time!

As some people either submitted barely-working game modes with the intent to finish them ‘soon’, or were a bit past the deadline, there’s an additional grace period for late submissions and last-minute fixes to existing submissions of 2019-01-07T22:00:00Z before judging. Make good use of it.


minigames :wink:


Ok ma ei saa penada




This will become open source, but a bit later. We also slowly working on turf wars. Your time limits are too harsh.


if i have to be honest here i’d say they were just right, 2 months are a good amount of time to create a gamemode and get it to a playable beta state :smiley:


Increase time for few more days.


Also, imo, it wouldn’t be fair for the ppl who took the time to finish the gamemode in time if the winner-selection gets delayed once again…


Are people interested in good quality finished gamemode or it’s just sport programming where you need to make something faster than others? Give us few more days, not everyone started back when contest started. If we push it and release now - it’ll become another RP cancer. Give us time to finish open world sandbox elements, so it’ll not be downloaded with server trainers cause there is nothing to do.


Not our problem you weren’t around.

This is not allowed by the rules.

Seems someone just procrastined it,in my opinion everyone who wanted to seriously compete has had enough time since this was the deadline